FM transmitter: any expert advice available?

After my dastardly cable company dropped FM coverage for my area, I put up an antenna that nicely brings in the only station I want to get, KDFC in San Francisco, 70 miles away. I have that antenna hooked up to two FM tuners in adjacent rooms--easy enough by drilling through a wall. But I'd like to get FM in a distant room as well, and there is no acceptable way to get the antenna cable into that room. I've heard of FM transmitters, usually tied to computer sources of music. I have no computer music and want none, but could an FM transmitter nonetheless solve my problem? If so, does anyone have a particular model to recommend? I'd prefer to build a kit if that's an option.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

Try this site. They have a variety of models (including kits).

You have to be very careful not to disturb with your neighbors reception.
I use one of these:
with good results. This is the guy I bought mine from, and he was a pleasure to deal with.