FM static?

For years I've enjoyed pretty decent FM reception. Recently I've been hearing static along with my music. This is most noticible during typical day/evening hours and a bit less so during the wee moring hours. I haven't added or changed any new electronics to my home since this happened. My other source works fine. I tried alternating between a Denon TU-800 and a Denon TU 680-NAB with the same results. This is most dissapointing. I called the FCC to find out if the local Broadcasters applied for any changes. That was a complete bust, after a fairly lengthy process, the FCC offered absolutely no help and suggested I call each and every broadcaster that my tuners pick up. Ha! I called the local utility company this morning, they said they would look into it. I haven't heard anything as yet, but it really hasn't been that long since I called. What gives? What can I do? BTW, I've never recieved very good over the air TV reception here.
Apart from weak signals, I have experienced static only from automobiles passing by on the highway. Shielded 300 ohm twinlead solved the problem. Now I have 75ohm coax with a rf amp at the antenna.

I am located in a "fringe" reception area.
Edartford, thank you for replying. Weak signals don't appear to be the issue. The TU 680-NAB's signal meter fully lights up and the TU-800's signal meter lights up to about 2/3 of the way. I currently use 75 Ohm coax as suggested by the manufacturer of the tuners and the manufacturer of the antenna. I had no problems with this set up untill fairly recently. I usually listen to the radio for many hours each day. This new development is really taking away that joy.
Try cleaning or even reterminating the coax. When I was having problems with cable TV the technician reterminated a couple of coax wires which looked perfectly good to me, and this completely eliminated the problem.
Did your FM station recently change over to Digital FM broadcasting? If so, that may be your problem. It is my understanding that even with a normal signal you can still get static from a digital FM broadcast especially if you are not using a digital FM radio or receiver. It might be advisable to give your fm station a call.
I'll try a new cable and maybe another antenna.
The stations I listen to most, have been transmitting both analog and digital prior to the time that the static appeared. Both tuners are reputed to have circuitry though different: Denon TU-800; Postdetection Filter, Denon TU-680NAB; Walsh-Function decoder, that is supposedly immune to "HD Self-Noise".
I tried a new coax and still have static.
Describe the "static". Is it a crackling sound, or is there a radio broadcast, music or talk, breaking in?
You might find a nearby ham radio operator to help you out. They are very careful not to cause problems and have a bag of tricks that can eliminate them if they do occur.
Crackling sound.

Have you tried power conditioning? I recently switched from a cheap Monster power strip to an APC H-10, and I was very surprised at how much quieter my FM got. I'd always had varying amounts of noise depending on the station; I thought the noise was coming in via the antenna, but it turns out it was line noise.

I've used an Adcom AC-315 AC Enhancer before the problem occured and still do.
Being a contractor in CT I have seen unchecked building have a negative effect over air reception. I used to get Boston and NY stations clearly, now it is a crap shoot getting New Haven stations at times. Rampant interference has made it more important to get good antennas.
What is an "unchecked building"?
It seems to worse at the lower end of the dial. Of course! That's where my prefered stations are.

What antenna are you using? I have a Fanfare FM-2G-C, the 'C' designating College Band, which for them is 88-92mhz. It has special tuning to pick up the College Band better, and it truly does work. One thing I've found out since I moved here to Florence is it's not all about the signal strength - there are a lot more variables involved, like RF noise, line noise, and multipath. It all adds up.

If everything else fails, try streaming audio over your computer.
"Unchecked Building" - Along the Ct shore there has been a building boom for the last 20 year which is creating unintended pressures on everything from wildlife to environment. NYC spreading tall buildings from the west and Boston spreading from the north. The airwaves are a lot more congested than they used to be.
Armstrod, I'm currently using a Magnum Dynalab Ribbon. This worked fine untill recently. In the past I tried a Farefare whip antenna and was not impressed, now that there is one that is specially tuned for the range on the dial I use most, perhaps another try is in order.

Unclejeff, streaming over the computer is a nuisance and the quality has been poor in my experience. Perhaps the greater selection of stations might be a worthy trade off, but the few times I tried it, that didn't prove to be the case.

Zenblaster, unless there are new buildings are out of sight, I doubt that's the case at my location.

The local power company offerd to inspect, clean and tighten the local poles. The power company agent suggested that these problems were usually limited to AM. He admitted that this was not his field of expertise. He did leave his number, should I need further help.

Thank you everyone for your continued offers of help!
Hooray! The local utility company was in the neighborhood for two days. On the first day, I noticed some improvement, on the second day, "no static at all". Whether they were there for my issues or for some other(s), I might not ever know for sure. Never the less, I'm currently one happy camper.