FM Roof Antenna Question

Hi All,
Im wondering if there are any tuner owners who have tried the stereo FM half wave dipole antenna seen for sale here and on eBay for $39.95?
Im interested in a roof antenna but I dont want a large type.
I live in a rural area with a city 40 miles to the north and 50 miles to the west of me.
I'd be interested if anyone owns this diople to share any mounting ideas,tips,etc.
Thank you-
Try looking around at
Thanks Uncle Jeff, but I'm looking for someone who is using this specific dipole antenna.
AudiogoN member "Lake" sells them.
Nephew Jeff
You might also consider the Fanfare vertical whip antenna. It lacks the gain and directionality of a yagi multi element but it is easy to mount, wind resistant, and best of all can be mounted outside almost invisibly. In the FM radio world higher is better. They even make a "college" model cut to favor the low end of the FM band.
Hi All,
Im hoping someone that has used this specific roof mount dipole antenna will see this thread.
Im sorry,but Im looking for info. on this antenna only.