FM reception and your antenna

I have been lucky enough to have several great tuners. From the old days with a Yamaha CT-7000 to several of the best from Magnum Dynalab. That said, your antenna to your tuner/receiver is of great importance.

Most will think of station reception, yes but the impact on sound quality and quantity is beyond reception.

If you like listening to quality FM stations and have not invested in a "real" FM antenna, do so.
What is a real FM antenna? The best will be mounted outdoors on a roof with a rotor. Not so common anymore.

I've tried various fancy indoor antennas over the years, even been obsessed to pull in weaker more distant stations from time to time, and indoors always go back to a simple dipole or maybe rabbit ears. Only so much is possible even with amplification indoors. A strong noise free signal with little or no multipath is the key. Mounting antenna higher and outdoors will always deliver the best results. Attics are usually better than lower levels as well.
I have had luck with both outdoor and indoor antenna. Currently using both a Magnum Dynalab and another that the name I am not remembering. The Magnum indoor antenna is hard to beat. An outside antenna with a rotor so you can aim it at the station is best, but not for those of us that live in rental housing.

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location, location, location.
I have an FM aerial in my attic (the thing is a monster) hung from the rafters by string, its 12 feet by 6 feet or so and pointed towards NYC. I also have an FM antenna amp (Magnum Signal Sleuth). The few stations I get, sound as good as my tape or vinyl rig.
I also have the Signal Sleuth with their ST-2 antenna mounted outside (106T Tuner) It works very well for me for NYC stations from North-East NJ
Anyone have/know of where I can obtain copy of ADS T2 Tuner user manual? Alternately, can anyone provide details on how to set station presets?
I'm lucky in my Apartment building as the Architects included a good FM antenna on the roof & dedicated FM antenna connection behind my racks. Hence FM reception is rock solid.

I’d love to own an Accuphase T-1100, but my Dealer thinks they will become boat ankers when analogue radio is switched off. Though I see no sign the Australian Govt has any plans to pull the plug in the future. We’ll see what the future holds.