FM Reception

I have A MR71 TUBE TUNER and live in Manhatten by central park what is the best way to clear signal on FM my FM is terrible I havae tryed the fanfare fm 2g and the GODDARD FM
Cornfedboy, are you from Nebarska? If you're going to poke fun at people, you shouldn't do it from a glass houz (sic).
Cardinal;I thought it was funny.It wasn't a tip on DIY,brain surgery. Mr.mp10019,there is a recent thread that actuallly deals with your subject.It has a few tips/ none of which require relocating.Being from Boston,I may hate the baseball team;but not the people from your city.
cardinal: no i'm not from nebraska., where the N on their football helmets stands for "nowledge." the spelling of connecticut in my first post was an intentional, albeit feeble, attempt at a pun. sorry you didn't get it.
Try the Magnum-Dynalab Model 205 "Signal Sleuth" RF amp; If your problem is overload from adjacent FM stations, this unit is tunable to the FM frequency you want, and traps out adjacent FM frequencies that might be causing an overload of your tuner's front end. It can also amplify weak FM signals with adjustable gain, so that a weaker signal can be received with no noise. It is also likely that FM multipath interference is part of your problem (FM signal with delayed arrival times, due to bouncing off buildings, etc.)which causes noisy and distorted reception. This is harder to deal with, but can be fixed by using 2 antennas, and "phasing" them to cancel multiple FM signal arrivals of the same freq. Magnum should be able to advise on this method. Good luck.
I live in Manhattan also; I use the top-of-the-line TERK electrically amplified antennae. It works wonderfully.
I'm not up on tuners, but yours definitely sounds expensive! Anyway, there's an old Carver component called the "Asymetrical Charge Coupled FM Stereo Decoder Model TX1-11" (no joke - I own 2 of them). It's a unit that goes between your tuner and preamp and it's specifically designed to reduce MULTIPATH. Multipath is essentially reflected "ghost" signals that bounce off any tall object, like BUILDINGS. The more buildings, the more multipath. Unfortunately, given that its original price was only $200 (I got it used at Stereo Exchange for $100 - say hello to Dave Wasserman for me the next time you go there), I suspect that it's not a very high-end component. Because I live in Hoboken, it would be very easy for me to bring one over to your place to try it out, and I'd sell it to you if you like it. Otherwise, you could come over here to pick it up. I think my price is reasonable - two fifty (that's two dollars and fifty cents) if I come to your place, (bus fare, you know), but if you come here, I'm sure we could work out a better price. Give me a call - 201 217-6686. Steve