FM Antennas For Old School Tuner?

I got a Yamaha CT-810 Tuner included in when I bought a Yamaha Ca-810 Integrated recently. It looks nice on my rack along with my other vintage Yamaha gear but It's not even hooked up. I don't really listen to FM radio much at all but thought it would be nice to at least utilize the tuner occasionally.  Any decent inexpensive antenna possibilities to match up with a tuner such as this?  Thanks. 
It looks to me like the back of the tuner offers several types of attachments that one would expect to find for various antennas.
Isn’t there an antenna rod attached to the U clip on the rear top left corner of the Tuner?;_ylt=AwrJ3VjeXqpaoHQAvPUPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTEyNGozbWZ1BGNvbG...
Any attic or roof mounted antenna will be dramatically better than the best indoor. If you have to stay indoors, the ST-2 is a good bet. It can also be used outdoors. 
The best indoor antenna I ever used was a car antenna. It worked fine but looked awful, of course.
Thanks for the responses. Lak, no rod attached. Swamp, looking at staying indoor. X, that's good! Never thought of that. Most likely will not attempt it though. 
Lak, sorry spoke too soon. Yes there is a rod.