FM Antennae

I live in a rural area and FM is 20-40 miles away (SF), is there a good FM ant out there??


Do you have a budget? You can get a simple antennae for $20 from Radio Shack or spend several hundred on a very nice directional with a rotor.
CCRANE.COM has a few models including this one has a great reputation and does excellent tuners mods to boot!
If your tv stations are in the same drection;use a splitter--assuming you have a roof top antena.
Gordus is right antenna performance has great stuff or try a
Godar indoor antenna
I second the CCRANE antenna. I use it instead of an outdoor antenna and it's just about as good without having to run a cable through a window or wall.
I use the Fanfare FM-2G FM antenna (approx. $100). Please see I was using the CCrane Reflect fm antenna but decided the Fanfare was better. Of course, the best solution is to install an antenna on your roof. I was unwilling to do that and feel the Fanfare FM-2G is very good (but not perfect). I have the Fanfare placed behind my stereo against the wall. Sometimes I have to move it around a little to get better reception. cheers...