FM Antenna Godar vs. Magnum Dynalab

I just bought a Magnum Dynalab 101 tuner. I am wanting to use a indoor antenna and would like to know if anyone has tryed both the Godar and the Magnum Dynalab st-2 antennas. I live in Windsor Ontario just across the river from Detroit so reception area is good.

Thanks Terry
I use the Dynalab ST2 in two of my systems with very good results.
You should also look at Terk antennae.
I am Currently using both in two different rooms. The Godar is better IMO. Get the one with the rabbit ears,
beats the standard model. The ST2 works better in one room, the Godar bettr in the other, go figure. Placement issues I'm sure.
hacve the option for outdoor placement on eves (or even in a attic) the whip antenna made by Fanfare (about yeard tall) for about $100 kicks ass on ANY possible indorr set up.Used to work for shop where we used them and they were awesome.Indoors I just told peopole save your dough and use your coaxial cable for your cable or satellite and get splitter since I found Terk Pi and other regarded indoor antenna;s to be prtty useless.
I must jump back in here. I also have a Fanfare whip. IMO, in my house, the ST 2 and the Godar out perform the Fanfare.
I do have an antenna in my attic it is one of those round plastic rotary antennas for motor homes I hooked it up to my Magnum Dynalab however I also have three T.V.s hooked up to it as well. It pulls in stations no problem, but I just think my tuner should sound better than it dose.
Thanks Terry
I tried the Godar unit..can't remember the model (bat wing one that's about 50-60 inches). I found it no better than a simple $2 dipole. I'm about 25-30 miles from the transmitter.
Fanfare needs to be mounted on eves of house or as high as you can get to work well.Can't see how Goddar mentions that it's pole length can work better than fanfare which is much taller.Mounted low in your house with rabbit ears?Even with active boos cicuts (which don't do a good job) Godar just sems like according to it's own description of physics must be bettered by the whip style.
GODAR AUDIOPHILE MODEL 2 INDOOR FM STEREO ANTENNA is hard to beat indoors. I've tried the C. Crane, Magnum Dynalab whip as well as the Fanfare.
This Godar just locks on and won't let go. Makes my ancient Magnum Dynalab tuner sound very natural. Noise and hiss is gone. I'm really very happy with it.
It IS bigger than I expected but hey, doesn't large surface area make sense when wanting to capture "and" hold a signal?
I have it atop my big bookcase with excellent results. If I had an attic it would go up there and if I could mount an antenna on the roof that would be my obvious first choice.
But if you are in the market for strictly an indoor antenna the GODAR Model 2 is the way to go IMO.
The humble,simple,CCrane FM Reflect dipole works best for me.