FM Antenna basic questions

I need to get an FM antenna for my Rotel RT961. I live in a valley of sorts, so AM reception is out of the question and not an issue. I am looking only for an indoor antenna. The antenna jack on my computer is a male coaxial type jack.

I am familiar with the basic dipole types, but I see some amplified antennas out there in the under $100 range. Are any of these suitable for tuners, and are they better than the basic dipoles? Thanks.
The following site's easy to build design has been brought to the attention of the Connecticut Audio Society by Charles King, who finds it works well.
I own both the Fanfare and C. Crane Reflect. Omnidirectionally the Fanfare is best, but the Relect ($25) will outperform the Fanfare unidirectionally and by a fair margin. Any amplified antenna I've played with was terrible. Good luck.
I have Sony AM-300 helical indoor antenna. I has a battery operated amplifier plus dial in tuning and works pretty quiet! You'd need to look in eBay for one, though...
Thanks for the responses. Celtic 66, can you please explain the difference between omnidirectional and unidirectional? Thanks
My antenna came from UHF magazine: the UHF Super Antenna! Looks like they build it theirselfs. It works very well on FM and on TV, is passive, cost CDN$ 55 and when my kids broke it they fixed it free.

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