FM / AM radio and antenna

I apologise if this is in the wrong section. I am trying to sort out how best to get better radio signal strength / options in the house and workshop. I am in Victoria, BC. Canada. House is sheltered by a large rock ridge to the west so open skies to north, east, south only. I am considering a used stereo tuner such as the  Teac ag-790 am/FM stereo or a Tivoli am/fm radio model 1. Then I thought I would add an FM antenna on the roof / chimney stack and use RG6 U coax to the receiver. Ideally I would like to have one cable to the office and one to the workshop. I can sort out an AM coil easily enough.

Is a good quality stereo tuner a better option than a simple radio? I am looking at several used ones as folks seem to be getting rid of these big boxes for smaller digital or even internet radio, so the tuners are quite affordable.

What would a good FM antenna option be? The Digiwave ANT8001 or equivalent seems to crop up in many searches. 

What is the best way to split the signal to two receivers? They would not be used at the same time so I do not see the need for a switch.

Do I need to worry about lightning?

I would appreciate any help that can be offered. I don't need to spend a lot of money and I am not seeking audiophile sound quality, just strong signals 

I ordered a Winegard 6010 HD FM antenna and a Winegard DS 2000 mounting bracket and had it installed on my roof by my electrician.  I did it because I have a vintage McIntosh MR 67 I wanted to listen to.  The antenna costs around $35 on Amazon, but I had to pay the electrician to install it.  I didn’t mind because it works perfectly.  I live in Southern NJ about 17 miles from Philadelphia and I get great stereo reception from WRTI, the Philly NPR station.  I can hear Philadelphia Orchestra live Sunday broadcasts and the MET on Saturday and jazz at night.  I love it.  If you are handy and don’t mind going up on a ladder all you need is the antenna, mounting bracket, and you can add a TV/FM splitter if you have multiple radios.  Everything you need for 50-60 bucks including coax cable.  Hope this helps you.
Also make sure to properly ground it so it doesn’t burn your house down☠️.  Ask an electrician, but it’s not complicated for them.  Maybe let them do that part if you don’t know how.  
Thanks for that help. It seems quite straightforward so now I just have to get organised. Are stereo tuners all similar in quality or is there anything in particular to look out for? I see quite a few older models for sale. I am avoiding the cheaper boom box idea on the assumption that the dedicated stereo tuner or yore would be better quality but maybe that is wrong. 
I see a lot of vintage tuners on eBay.  Some of those might be good to try.  McIntosh and other high end tube tuners can sound fabulous but can be pricey these days and may be more than you need.  Try eBay and Audiogon first.  
A used Magnum Dynalab FT-101A with SR-100 Silver Ribbon indoor antenna might be all you need to enjoy quality FM broadcasts. The result, however, would be location-sensitive and I'd suggest checking reception with an inexpensive FM radio or with the FM radio in your car before proceeding.
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