FM Acoustics vs CH Precision

 have you experience about the comparison between CH Precision vs FM Acoustics?  Both pre and amplifiers, tks. 
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" CH is better jump on one ASAP!!! "
Think it would be helpful if you would expand upon your comment. What specific CH and FM Acoustic models have you heard? Were they with the same sources and speakers? What were the strengths/weaknesses of the brand/model(s) you listened to?
CH has better depth,better imaging and a deeper sound stage.It also has better bass detail and definition as well.I heard the top units on MAGICO M3s.FM Acustics are very good units however they are not in the same league as CH.Thanks hope this helps.
I think what ebm means is that CH costs more so it must be better. Frankly, both are an extreme waste of money. I have not heard either make and do not care to. There are wonderful electronics for more reasonable money out there. Buying this stuff is purely egocentric. 
Guess since you haven't heard either you can't comment on ebm's take on their sound, nor on the quality of the sound relative to the spend 
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I used to own FM Acoustics 266 pre amp with FM Acoustics 711 power amp driving JBL Everest and the sound of the system was amazing in all departments. Front end was Esoteric P-01, D-01’s with Rub clock. I wanted to go for the 811 power amp just to see how much more i could get out of the system but one never came up on the used market, I could not afford new. I ended up selling the FM Acoustic equipment because of constant issues with the pre amp. You need FM Acoustic speaker cables because of the connections. I also used FM Acoustics interconnects. Both units come with their own power cords attached, as i said the sound was amazing but reliability was an issue with the 266, i had no warranty as i purchased used. I have got as a good a sounding system now at less than the price of the FM Acoustic 266 a lone but if you can afford this level of equipment go for it, the sound was amazing you only live once. Sorry i have no experience of the other brand you mention FM Acoustics has a great reputation but buy new from a dealer with full back up.
I think what ebm means is that CH costs more so it must be better. Frankly, both are an extreme waste of money. I have not heard either make and do not care to. There are wonderful electronics for more reasonable money out there. Buying this stuff is purely egocentric.  

And the prize for the most ridiculous & bitter post goes to...
First off, these are both amazingly revealing electronics, fast, musical, the best I have experienced by a large margin. At this level of performance, it really isn’t a matter of how much bass, treble, detail, dynamics etc they have -- they have it all. The question is, "what are you looking for"

I used to have the base models FM acoustics pre, power, & phono
and listened to a CH integrated a few times — but not in direct comparison. Strangely, I didn’t experience any of the attributes ebm mentioned above, however. I might say that the CH was slightly brighter, but I would be nitpicking; the CH is contemporary in that it has everything included (phono, digital input, etc). The riaa on the FM may have been better (i.e. more detail, clarity & sense of sudden dynamic contrast), but I would be nitpicking again...

What do you think that they can be match a difficult amplifier like the mbl 101 e MkII? 
Throw Soulution in there to complete the triumvirate of high end Swiss audio. 
I have not heard CH yet so cannot compare...but based on what I have heard from the other two and read on all three I'd take FM and Soulution before CH.
The FM room at Munich was out of this world.

Go with CH Precision. What are your speakers and source components (turntable/phonostage, DAC, streamer/DAC, CD/SACD player)? 
Which CH models and FM models are you considering? Be a little more specific.

When I was auditioning the Magico M6 speakers at the Magico's own facility in bay area they had the M6 hooked up with the CH Precision's flagship power amp & preamp (M1.1 Reference power amps & L1 dual monoural linestage preamp and the C1 mono DACs served as digital front end source component). They sounded spectacular together and I ended up purchasing the Magico M6 speakers from the nearest Magico dealer from its facility but didn't get the CH Precision gears but instead I went with the Naim Statement NAP S1 monoblock amps & Naim Statement NAC S1 linestage analog preamp, which are quite a step up from the CH Precision's flagship Reference amps & preamp but also cost quite a bit more than the CH Precision M1.1 Reference amps & the L1 dual monoural linestage preamp. 

If you can afford the Naim Statement NAC S1 linestage analog preamp ($90k) and the matching Naim Statement NAP S1 monoblock amps ($180k) I would highly recommend them. But you better have really competent high quality front end source components (either digital or analog front end or both) to pair with these Naim Statement pre & amps combo, and as long as your speakers are up to the task and are justifiable or in the same league as these Naim Statement gears in order to achieve best overall end results. These Naim Statement gears are indeed truly special and sounding highly musical especially for listening to high end analog front end source components eg turntable/phonostage combo. I listen mostly to my Clearaudio Statement v2 turntable w/ a Statement TT-1 tonearm, a Statement Goldfinger cartridge, discrete class A linear PSU for the turntable & the D'Agostino Momentum phonostage pre.

Other products along the line of CH Precision that I highly recommend would be the following : Soulution, DarTZeel, Tidal, MBL, Burmeister, Chord Reference lines, Vitus Audio, Gryphon, D'Agostino Momentum M400 monoblock amps & Momentum linestage preamp or perhaps his latest flagship Relentless monoblock amps if you can afford them, Boulder, EMM Labs, Audio Research Reference series, Pass Labs' flagship models, VTL, VAC, BAT, Lamm, Ayon, Ypsilon.
I forgot about T&A. They are nothing short of spectacular and I suggest you look hard for them. They are very musically involving & engaging. They are probably more affordable than the CH Precision and all the other ones that I recommended above. If you have access to T&A gears I suggest that you give them a listen.
My experience with CH Precision has been very good. Like Vitus Audio, every system driven by CH that I have heard was excellent. Unlike much SS, CH seemed to have very good low level resolution. I havent heard FM enough to comment, but mijostyn would tell you that I neednt hear anything in order to comment. Once again we are told by a member our motivation for buying.