FM Acoustics 611 vs Goldmund 29.6M

Can anyone help me compare these two amps?
There really is no comparison. The FM-611 will murder the Goldmund. I use to be a Goldmund Reference owner for years. Although Goldmund is a fantatsic product. The FM Acoustics is in its own league which nothing seems to come close.
I was just going through old mags that I am going to trowing away and there was a piece on FM Acoustics in it.

They use a Machine which cost 40K to check their transistors and their trannies are5times larger and 10 times faster than other trannies used by other cos.

Granted this is an old article,but it i interesting none the less.

I have to wonder though how they would compare to LAMM's or other amps that are SOTA.

I saw moddels in A-Gon listed for 25K. That has to be trhow away $$ for those that can afford them.
yes the 611 will KO the Goldmund easily..i had both and i keep the FM 611
FM all the way. Goldmund is overrated, imo.
but the latest telos 2500 did blow the old 611 away, the old 61 only manage to and still won the area of Tonal balanace ( nice coloration...) haha
Ok, the new Goldmund. That's not a fair comparison, really. The 611 is 22 (wow!) year old technology. A fairer comparison would be to a 711-MKII.
agreeed, it is not fair at all, it was just for my personal evaluation for which amp i should keep

at such time..i had 3 power amp, which were Cello performance II/ FM611/ Goldmund 2500

i am keeping the set of Cello performance II , which the Cello is still manage excel in the area of layering of the sound stage - better control to the pair of Matrix 800 and Maxx2 vs 611 (why..keeping the Cello - as i look cool from those 4 boxes, relatively cheap and still some of the best sound stage machine around any price, worth to keep as a back up or second system)

I had the 611 for quite some time..the inner details, tonal balance (IMO, it sound richer than most tube amp..but too rich for me), uptodate it is still better than many new amp at or around usd 15K

IMO - Goldmund - it is fast, ultra high resolution, sound refined , however so sensitive to Interconnection, speaker cable...Power Cord selection - it is not overrated...but seriously OVER listed ...however i suppose no one really paid the list price..anyway

IMO..I heard soem of those FM..., i shall go for a carefully set up GolDMUND..but not FM..., as those FM sound too rich for my liking

what other SS power amp shall i try ?
Wow, those are all great amps. I had the 611 too. I had to sell and I downgraded to Bryston for financial reasons. Long story, haha.

Anyway, have you tried Burmester, Gryphon, and Daniel Hertz (Levinson's new company)
i had tried soem grpphon (last generation ) , and Viola

heard a few Burmester ..from basic to ref 909..etc.. ( really world classes for some sort of musics...but seem quite accurate less not much emotion, well compared to Goldmund, i go for Goldmund ...since higher resolution, higher headroom, typical civilized presentation , and within my city, Goldmund is easier for resell

never heard any the DH...yet, from the backgroung, it may be hardly better than Viola.. - not a fair comment here...

for older Gryphon vs old FM...i go for gryphon - since it is a lot cheaper and leave me enough cash for cable...and better front end and speaker.etc..

again..FM sounded too rich for me
Ok, fair enough. Thank you for your comments. That makes sense. Yeah, FM is real high priced these days too. But, I do like the sound. I most likely will get it used when I'm ready.
Mgmmgm, as you probably have known, all FMA will only shine when used with their own appropriate proprietary cabling. In my earlier days (had my 611 for 19yrs now), I tried the mixing and matching game and only to realize their true potential when used as a system (*all cabling+pre) much later. Yes, wrong cables and/pre could have them sounding somewhat off, but when everything is dialed in properly, to me, they still stood the test of time even against today's elites.
My only complaint of them (611), is that they are prone to thermal shut down when driven hard, due to their compact chasis and lack of fan. Again as we know, system synergy is always crucial in this hobby, just much more so with FMA stuffs.
I also think that although FMA make great amps, true forte is their pre-s. Still.. Given a choice, I'd take 1811 over the impressive looking Telos5000. :)
I agree Bvdman. To really hear what FM amps are capable of, the FM cables and preamps are necessary.

That's exactly what the 611 I had did! I thought there was something wrong with the amp. It probably gets hot due to being Class A as well?

In my mind, FM is one of the best, if not the best. I plan on owning FM again. But only used. There's no way I can afford new!
No_slouch, I strongly suggest that you listen to the BMC DAC1 PRE and the M1 amps. Plus in my opinion their MCCI phono stage has no rivals.

I owned MM equipment long ago and really don't have any recent experience experiences, but I suspect the BMC is superior and certainly less expensive.