Flying Lotus: "The Hendrix of his Generation" ?

I'm listening to cuts from Cosmogramma and wondered why I haven't heard of this before. I'm not sure what to make of it. I wouldn't describe the sound as lyrical or mellifluous but it contains some of the most interesting sounds I have heard in a while. I assume some people bought the cd out of curiousity due to the Coltrane connection (Alice Coltrane is a distant relative) but it can stand on its own merits.

Can anyone recommend other releases from FL?
I have his earlier stuff but I haven't heard his newest. Track down a video from a few years ago that was directed by Tim & Eric...not really safe for work though. This is probably he wrong forum to be making Hendrix comparisons without getting flamed.
Big time in the LA electronica scene. Has been widely promoted by KCRW locally since 1996. Check out their website and internet radio for similar picks. There are four or five groups bubbling up that marry a simlar sound.
Check out Nosaj Thing. Highly recommended.

I also love the sounds coming out of South London. The XX, Hot Chip, Burial and Rusko are making amazing music. I love all of this stuff.
Hendrix is dead and gone for 40 years. So I think it is a hate statement that no one new can come forth. I really like it when people like Flying Lotus like to shake things up. This is a very innovative hybrid of jazz, hip hop and dance beats. If you are in LA, this music is featured at the Low End Theory @Airliner and the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. Other Djs include Daedelus and the Gaslamp Killer.
I would also check out the neo James Brown funk attack that is Janelle Monae's The ArchAndroid. Very innovative stuff as well.
Coincidentally last night I listened to Cosmogramma and Nosaj Thing's Drift back to back. Same genre of music but very different musical influences. I like them both. Burial, who was mentioned above, also gets my recommendation.
Bongofury...I'm confused about the promoting Flying Lotus since 1996 statement. Do you mean 2006?