Fluxbuster info

Hello, I just got a Sumiko Fluxbuster without instructions. Has anybody got a copy they can email to me? Thanks
i have an NOS fluxbuster, still in box, no instructions. i now use an aesthetix demagnatizer but remember how the sumiko device works. if you don't get instuctions from your post, send me a private email and i'll walk you through it. pretty simple, really. -kelly
Although I do not own the fluxbuster, the Audioquest version of this was determined to work best by hooking up to the tone arm (RCA) connections, turn on for 20 seconds, rest for 5 seconds, three intervals total. With instructions from Kelly, and my experience, you should be able to get the results you want.
Albertporter is right. Do as he says.
I have one, and agree with Albert--just remember to do the drill for each channel, as the Fluxbuster only does one channel at a time. Plug it in, insert the RCAs, tilt the rocker switch towards the channel to be done, watch the flashing lights till it indicates "done", then repeat for the other channel. If you have a P-mount cartridge, that's what the raised portion on it is for. Good luck!
I just cannot resist the urge to pipe up as well:
Albert is right, Rcprince's instructions are precise, so Joe you can safely flux your bust and enjoy. Regards, KD
Thanks everyone, this helps...Joe
Couple things 'bout using the fluxbuster. First, put the stylus in the groove/on the LP before fluxbusting. Two, disconnect the tonearm leads before turning the fluxbuster off/unplugging it.

While the Sumiko is a good unit, the Aethetix and Audiophysic fluxbusters are far better devices.

Of course, that's leaving out the argument that you should check with each cartridge manufacturer before fluxbusting. There are some such as van den Hul that don't recommend fluxbusting. Personally, I've never had a problem with using a fluxbuster on any of the Scantech designed models.