Flux Hifi Sonic Stylus Cleaner

Perhaps I should have put this into the review section but I don't have a lot to say. I got an email ad from Music Direct that highlighted this device and decided to try it, knowing that I could return it if it was unsatisfactory.

The long and short of it is that it works as advertised.

I have six cartridges mounted on headshells, some used recently and others hanging out for a year or two. I used an old binocular Bausch & Lomb dissecting scope (about 50 magnification, I prefer it to the more finicky computer attached scope) to examine the diamonds on each of the cartridges and found a couple that looked particularly in need of a serious cleaning. One had a ball of crap at the end of the cantilever, completely obscuring the diamond, others just looked coated.

I followed the directions completely, except that I held the headshells in my hand rather than having the cartridges mounted on the tonearm and lowering them using the cueing device. One drop of fluid, 15 seconds on the pad and back on the microscope table. Nice clean diamonds. There were still fibers hanging around the cantilevers that a brush cleaned up.

This device has now replaced my Magic Eraser and Onzow Zerodust. Those did the job, but I feel safer using this than worrying about possible damage using the Magic Eraser; peace of mind.

I have had the device for a day, so nothing to say about longevity other than it seems well made.
Looks similar in function to my 30+ year old Signet SK305 Electronic Stylus Cleaner, which I continue to use on a regular basis. I use Last Stylus Cleaner 4 on mine. Results are always great - - - a really clean stylus.
Bought a used Audioquest electronic stylus cleaner on ebay for 45.00, works extremely well.
I've been using Magic Eraser for years and never have damaged the stylus.
Stringreen, I too have had no damage from a few years of Magic Eraser. But, I always felt that the cantilever was getting a fairly tortuous ride and that was my concern. Also, if you can examine the cantilever and the bottom of the cartridge with high magnification after using the Eraser you wil find lots of tiny white bits clinging to it, so some debris is added in the cleaning process.
Aigenga, thank you for the review. I was planning to order one an you make the purchase easier.
Fremer did a quick review and seems to recommend it. I'm interested.
@Rshak- I've still got my Signet SK 305 as well(bought in 1980). Talk about money, well spent! NOW: if they could make a AA battery that survived that long......
I just wanted to share my experience with cleaning my stylus using Magic Eraser. I inspected the stylus under a microscope before and after cleaning, and did not see any white residue or debris. Take a look at my before and after shots:


I would also like to add that I purchased myDynavector 10x5 cartridge used, and had never looked at my stylus under a microscope before. I assume it was this disgusting the entire time. While I always thought it sounded good, I never thought it sounded great. After polishing up the diamond, I can't even describe how much better it sounds. Tracking is unbelievable, even on the hardest passages, and jazz instruments sound like they are actually in the room with me.

I can't recommend Magic Eraser enough. It changed the game for me. My pictures speak for themselves!