Flux Busters

Anyone still use a Flux Buster?
Just the Cardas record demagnetization sweeps for me. Sonically efficacious and no risk of damage to any cartridge.

Yeah I saw that listed. I still use my Flux buster every 40 hours or so of listening.
Haven't used mine in years..........but I haven't played LPs in years.
C'mon Kal, spin some vinyl again!
Qdrone...you don't mention your cartridge. Same can be ruined by the Fluxbuster. Make sure your manufacturer condones its use.
Sumiko Talisman Virtuoso DTI. it is recommended by them. Some cartridges today use materials to wind their coils around besides metal.
Actually, the problem is that some cartridges have coils that are so then, and sometimes made of gold, that the Fluxbuster can melt these wires
I Flux bust my phono amp every 100 hours too. I have a cd that de mags the system to but since it runs through the cd output it by passes my phono stage. Call me crazy but ims it takes the edge off the treble and things are clearer.