For some reason, I haven't demagnetized my cartridge in some time. Rummaging through my "set-up" drawer in the garage, I found and used it. It made a very big difference for the better, and encourage those that can use it to do it. Two caveats... Some manufacturers don't recommend it..therefore I wouldn't demag those. Also, do not push the off switch until it's disconnected, or some magnetism might be reinserted into the coils. I demagnetize while the cartridge is resting on the LP so that the stylus is right where it is operational.
I've been wondering about this. I have one too but haven't used it since all the negative stuff appeared. Anyone try the thing on a Denon DL-103?
I used the Fluxbuster for many years and never had a problem.It definitely improved the sound!

I used it during my Koetsu years,over four different models,and in the early times with my first two of the Transfiguration designs(using it very infrequently with the Tranny's).

I began to get paranoid since the negative rap,by A.J. Van den Hul in a mag I had read....Yet,my firend(who had the Tranny Temper Supreme) continued to use his.I know they say on the Tranny it won't improve sound,but that is not my experience,back then.It did aid sound...BUT...

I began to think it's use was a bit unnecessary,because the improved(it was actually subtle,but any improvement in a high res system comes through)performance was probably only short lived,and the sound was fabulous anyway.

I recently called the importer of my new Transfiguration Orpheus,and he felt the coils were SO thin,that why take a chance of damaging this "amazing" cartridge.This made sense to me.

So,I wanted to have someone own it who could possibly appreciate it on a non problematic cartridge,and I offered it at N/C when I sold my Graham 2.2 arm.

Btw,the arm/Fluxbuster sold in four days on Audiogon!

If you can benefit with it,it is still a viable product,and built very well.