Fluids for VPI cleaner -- any horror stories?

I'm replacing my Nitty Gritty with a VPI and notice that VPI warns against using any fluid but their own. I've used Torumat for years and have a good supply left. Has anyone had bad consequences from failing to heed VPI's warning? Thanks.
VPI fluid will grow mold if you do not keep it refridgerated. If you open a bottle and leave it out at room temp it will mold. Do you really want to use their fluid on your records?

If I were you, I'd use the Turomat without any worries.
I am using disc doctor fluid. It works well for me. My records are very clean.Disc doctor says it's OK
I have no experience with VPI machines, but I've heard of many, many, many people using other fluids. I have yet to hear of someone having a problem.
VPI wants to sell you their fluid.
Buy only Record Research fluids and you will have no worries of any sort.
Thanks, all. I think I'll finish up the Torumat, then maybe try Record Research.
I've had a gallon of vpi fluid for years and it still hasn't grown any mold. I keep it at room temp.
I used Torumat for years in my VPI to no detriment. I do not chide them for saying to use none but their own because you never know what some crazy glop will do, and then the buyer goes crying back to them. When I used up my Torumat, I switched to only reverse osmosis purified water in the machine, to do an initial two way clean. Then I stop the platter and use Disc Doctor on their brush, followed by a VPI one way rinse and a top off with Last prservative with platter spinning. I tried several problem records I could not clean with Torumat with Disc Doctor with great results. That made me switch.
I have a VPI 16.5, so it does not keep a reservoir of fluid to be used. I've used combinations of VPI, isopropyl alcohol followed by Record Research vinyl wash. So far, no problems. BUT -- I'm now trying homebrew ideas, tired of paying the big bucks. Does anybody know about sources for deionized water, which is often touted. Someone even told me that Record Research folks use "triple" deionized water. What's with that? Isn't deionized already "DE-"?
I am using a nitty gritty and tried using homemade solutions that we thought were the same breakdowm as the over the counter ones. The solutions ended up breaking down the felt and the glue. I am back to the Nitty gritty solutions. The Vpi is the better machine but is much bigger
I've had a VPI for about 6 years and I've made my own fluid from istructions from my dealer who said it was what VPI told him, it works perfectly. Get an empty and very clean gallon jug. Put in 2 pints of isopropol alcohol (the 91% variety) then fill the jug with distilled water (that's a 75 to 25% mix of water to alcohol). At a photography store buy the smallest bottle of "photoflow" soultion you can find (the smallest will last you 10,000 years). Photoflow is the chemical that's added to deleloping fluid to reduce the surface tension when film is developed; the prionciple is the same here; TWO DROPS (and that is ALL) added to the gallon of fluid will help the fluid disperse evenly on the surface of the LP when you apply the brush.

I'm always open to being told why I'm wrong so let me know, but this has been a very inexpensive version of record cleaning solution that, according to VPI, is the samebasic liquid as theirs.