I just took delivery of a Fluance RT85 table, quickly set it up, using the installed cartridge, a MoFi phono preamp, running this very very affordable setup into a Constellation Integrated driving Perlisten S7t speakers.

I will take time, install better cartridge (I have three or more here to play with), but the first LP I am playing (Tennessee Ernie Ford, Country Hits, Analogue Productions/QRP pressing) is making magic here.  

I suppose things can get better with a better cartridge, a better phono pre, etc., etc., but from where I sit (literally) this is magical.  


I agree with noromance. Were you just getting your feet wet to see if you like it?

If what you got sounds good you can easily double down on it. It does get astronomically more expensive but with a Constellation unit I think you know that already.  


Yes, its close to what you ask here.  I have another system (2 really) with a TT, but this newest system is one I wanted to be simple, uncluttered, neat, and no TT.  

I thought that if I did get a TT for this system (knowing that I rarely play LPs) I wanted one that had a tonearm with removable head shells, to allow me to "play around" with the three or four cartridges I have on hand (in addition to the one that came with the TT).  I looked around and there were just a few I could identify, and that might be available, with this feature.  The Fluance was by far the least expensive of the three or four I could find, so I decided to take the chance.  I am in the process today of mounting and aligning three cartridges in their own head shell, and then the fun will begin, or at least I anticipate it will be enjoyable to listen to each, make a choice of what I think best, and move ahead.  

I have a Luxman D-05u CD/SACD player in the system I initially described that is how I listen to music nearly all the time.  

The Fluance RT 85 looks very well made for this price segment, and from all the online reviews it’s very highly thought off.....even Mr. Fremer (Analog Planet) likes it...😊