Floyd-The Wall...which one?

Want a good...not best...but good copy of the Wall...is the remaster from 2000 a good one? Something that list $20-30 new. Thank you.
Get an early UK pressing with no writing on the spine or any where on the cover if you can. I bought my copy of the Wall here on audiogon from a UK CAD engineer from B&W Sperkers about 6 years ago. I have 5 copies but only one UK pressing. They all sound good but the UK one is beyond "Awesome!"
I just have a standard version that I paid $4 for and it sounds excellent, so I would suggest get the cheapest version you can find.
I'm considering a used copy of the remaster from 2000 ...?...should be fine enough for me. The mfsl and Japan imports are not my goal or intentions...just a decent version...Capital/EMI I believe.
You definately want the one with 'Another Brick In The Wall'. If you haven't heard that song 10,000 times before, you'll really like it.
You mean the one that goes..."we don't need no edumacation...we don't need no thawt control...?"