Floyd-The Wall...which one?

Want a good...not best...but good copy of the Wall...is the remaster from 2000 a good one? Something that list $20-30 new. Thank you.
Get an early UK pressing with no writing on the spine or any where on the cover if you can. I bought my copy of the Wall here on audiogon from a UK CAD engineer from B&W Sperkers about 6 years ago. I have 5 copies but only one UK pressing. They all sound good but the UK one is beyond "Awesome!"
I just have a standard version that I paid $4 for and it sounds excellent, so I would suggest get the cheapest version you can find.
I'm considering a used copy of the remaster from 2000 ...?...should be fine enough for me. The mfsl and Japan imports are not my goal or intentions...just a decent version...Capital/EMI I believe.
You definately want the one with 'Another Brick In The Wall'. If you haven't heard that song 10,000 times before, you'll really like it.
You mean the one that goes..."we don't need no edumacation...we don't need no thawt control...?"
The British EMI pressing of The Wall is the best I've heard and owned! I bought mine brand-new sealed cheap about 20+ years ago! Second place goes to the original CBS pressing.
I put my money down on the 1994 remaster on Capitol records 2 days ago (which if I’m not mistaken is the Doug Sax remaster). Ten bucks for very good condition on eBay. I’m listening as we speak to the original version Columbia 1987 that sounds very good. Excellent in fact, dynamic and super tone.

Wish they came out with the SACD that was rumored years back.
cd or lp? I've always been happy with my US pressing/Masterdisk on vinyl for the money.
On the CD front-
the 1st Japan pressing in a double (fatboy) jewel case, or, the MFSL Gold CD set. Build the Wall!

Original UK pressing. US pressings of many UK bands are often second rate unfortunately. 

Out of curiosity I ordered the Doug Sax remaster of The Wall on Capitol 1994 and actually listened to it just yesterday. It’s very good. Is it the absolute best? I can’t say because I haven’t heard all the various imports, remasters, etc. Best deal is almost new on eBay.
Doug Sax does pretty good work- GK.
Happy Listening!

Doug Sax was amazing. He was one of the first to create an independent mastering business. He was the go to for countless producers and artists. An amazing ear and abilty to fine tune based on what he heard. More grammys than anyone else.


Sadly he passed a way in 2015. His talent will be forever lost like tears in the rain, however, he left us a legacy of fine recordings that brings joy to each and every day.


His brother built most of the tube gear he used. As far as out of the box commercial products go he liked the Benchmark DAC and ATC speakers but he was an incorrigible tweaker at heart and his original 1967 setup included Tannoys with his own crossover design which he sold to other engineers like Al Schmitt.
I have an early UK edition double cd, unsure of date right now tbh.
I also remember vividly, seeing them perform it live in Earls Court, London back in 1980/81, not sure exactly which, memory not that good!
Pretty sure they cut some live recordings of these shows? Released in 2000 or so. Not heard them so unsure what quality they might be.

Very cool backstory- shadorne

Certainly, close to the last of his kind.

Happy Listening!