Flotsam & Jetsam

Probably not many posts on this!

   The last 3 Flotsam & Jetsam albums have been insanely good!
another new due in June (2 weeks)
another killer album!
   Only 2 org members in the band.
simger and guitar player!

   Eric AK and Gilbert are only original members left.
 There is not a better voice than Eric AK!  HIS WORKon “the cold” is absolutely amazing.
one of the best albums !!

   Check them out, if your a metal dude, the past 2 F&J albums have been amazing!!

if you like metal, give a serious listen to “the cold”

 anyway, metal on!

Probably not many posts on this!

little to heavy for me......

but you like them and that is all that matters.   I am sure there is stuff I listen to that you dont care for.

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