Florida Audio Society

5 years old and growing fast. Serving Dade and Browards counties. No jokes about recounts please. Website at:
South Florida Audio Society.
Is there any type of audio club in the Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples area. Thanks.
Is there any philes in the North/Central Florida area?
hey brick; i have a good buddy who is sick as you are. he lives in the orlando area. call me i will hook you up . 706-769-4705.
Hey how about the panhandle? I moved here a year and a half ago and not a lick of hi-end on the coast! I feel all alone! Help!!
Interested in the SFAS. Please send info.
[email protected]
new in miami, would like to get in contact with
audiophiles in this area.
Does anyone have a working website address for the South Florida Audi Society. The one above, http://www.sfas.org/ does not work.
Any phone number for them?
Is there an audio club,audiophiles in the Bradenton,Sarasota,Fla area?
Tampa Bay, are you are out there? We should get something started.

813 313 4992
I think the SFAS is kaput.
Jon,Any luck in Tampa Bay?I would enjoy getting together with any audiophools in this area!
Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Miami, Boca etc.
Participants wanted for a shootout.
Just moved to Oldsmar (Clearwater / Tampa area). I would be interested to know what folks think of my system and maybe get some advice on how to improve it.

Shoot me an email if a group ever got started in this area...
is there anyone in the Broward/Dade/Palm Beach areas? I'm always up fpr a source/amp speakers shootout and general good time.
Yes been looking for fellow nutjobs in the area I am in Plantation
Please drop me an email @ [email protected]
I am interest in joining a local club. I am in North St. Petersburg Fl. I'm a former digital technician but for audio I prefer analog. I like tube gear and classical records, yes vinyl. I have 3 to 4 thousand LPs including many coveted audiophile pressings of the 'Golden Age'.
to all audiophiles in South Florida:

HELP. I am heading your way to spend a week with the in-laws. Can you help a brother out and let me know if there are any good record shops or high end audio stores in the Palm Beach County area? I need somewhere to escape to get away for a few minutes. I will gladly repay the favor if you ever find yourself in Northeast Ohio.
Anyone in the panhandle area from P'cola to Panama city?
Punta Gorda Area Audiophiles ?
Manufacturer and inventor of a new Passive AC/Ground technology. Interested in attending meetings to demonstrate this new concept. Will share 25+ years of experiences with group members.
Living in Port St. Lucie, Fl. Looking to share experiences with other members. Call me at 786-897-2975.
I am interested in The Florida Audio Society. Location: Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda area FL. (33983)
Any interest in the Naples-Bonita-Ft. Myers area ?
Anyone in the Palm Beach/Broward area?
I'm in Port St. Lucie. 50 minutes from you. I can also put you in contact with members in West Palm. Let me know if I can help.
well, link to website is dead. maybe club fell apart?!?
Seemed to have fallen apart a long time ago.
Just a reminder, for those in the Tampa Bay area, check out the Tampa Bay Listening Society... www.thetbls.com

We meet the 1st Tues of the month.
Hi! Living in Freeport in the panhandle, into audio forever it seems. Have what i consider a fairly good sounding system. Looking for other audiophiles to share stories, news, tweeks, and perhaps equipment with.
Anything going on in Pensacola, FL?
Been an audiogon member since early 2000. Used to live in CT, now in Sarasota. Is there any audiophile life here?
Currently, there is not a Sarasota-specific audiophile club. However, there are a growing number of Sarasota audiophiles who have become active with the Tampa Bay Listening Society, and have carpooled for meetings and/or casual listening sessions. Feel free to visit www.thetbls.com for more details. Our next TBLS meeting is Tues Sept 8th, and we hope to arrange a weekend TBLS event in Sarasota sometime this year.
I'll keep an eye on this forum for any activity. Thanks
Looking for some one to take me and my father in for an afternoon of intense listening. We have never had the rare experience of hearing a truly brilliant system and I was hopping to find someone nice enough to take us in and let us listen.

You can email me
Hopefully we can get in touch.

Anyone in GAINESVILLE!!!?
what happened to this group, and to the site? is it still on?
It is long dead. I would be interested in an audio club in Broward/Palm Beach.
I'll keep an eye here too. It's interesting to hear different systems and how people have set up audio rooms. Boca Raton here
I am in Bonita Springs.
I too am interested in some sort of a audio club experience though, I don’t really know exactly what to expect. Does anybody have any suggestions for a good first meeting strategy?

If any locals are interested I just put a VPI record cleaning machine on Offer Up in ZIP Code 33158. Have a look!
I’m in Port St. Lucie. Willing to host or go north or south by an hour. I do vinyl and digital. Message me if interested. Pretty busy right now but if I can find time I will. 

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