Florida Audio Expo 2020 - What did you think?

I probably only saw half the rooms, nevertheless, here are just a few of my takeaways:

a. tons of vinyl....probably 80% of the rooms

b. almost all the rooms sounded good...but...way too loud....probably 80% of the rooms at over 90db...probably trying to drown out the people talking in the background instead of stepping outside???

c. not enough "affordable" gear, really liked the Fyne 502 loudspeakers at $2500

d.  lots of good sounding speakers in the $5-10k range...the Pure Audio Projects sounded really good...and only 3' out from the wall

e. of course the MBLs sound good...but man, those Vaughn Speakers with the 4" line array and plasma tweeter...really nice sounding

f. as were the Daedalus Apollos, very musical...and the Carver Amazing Line Source, very spacial

g. great people willing to spend time with you

h.  hard to really comment on the sound of the electronics...just no way to compare...so, if I like the sound of a room, then I had to assume that the room, speakers and electronics played well together!

i. and then there is the VAC Statement 450iq integrated amp for $150k...what else can I say

j.  very enjoyable...should have budgeted two day
Overall, it was a good show. There was a good range of equipment and approximately 65 rooms. Attendance on Saturday was good - almost at reasonable capacity. Several rooms had a short wait. Everyone was very friendly and willing to help and educate. 
Tube gear was abundant and there was a good a good diversity of vinyl set ups.  One of the few rooms playing CDs was the MSB room. They had the Magico M2’s singing. I did a double take behind me to make sure someone wasn’t snapping their fingers - nope, I should have known the first time that the speakers were throwing real images. 

On other individual rooms, the Magico M6 and MBL rooms were very impressive. On the more reasonably priced equipment rooms, I was impressed with sound out of the Fyne Audio speakers. They were playing in two rooms and I was very impressed what sound you can get from $2,500 speakers. 
My favorite room was Salon Audio’s room. The pair of Wilson Sasha DAW driven by VTL equipment sounded surprisingly good given the listening environment. 
And for any folks out there believing all those tweaks vendors are snake oil salesmen needs to visit a Synergistic Research presentation. They had a room and Ted Denney gave a telling demonstration of some of Synergistic’s products. I have to say I was shocked by the magnitude of impact. 
I had a fun day and wish to thank all that contributed to the Expo. 
Really enjoyed it yesterday.

What impressed me were the Black ice audio, gershman audio, Pure Audio Project and Paradigm rooms. Black ice Audio was probably the best of the affordable rooms with equipment.

The Magico M6 disappointed but the room may have been too big.
The Spatial room was also disappointing.

The MBL room was sounding nice with.

What I found incredible is how many rooms were streaming there music and it was sounding so open and dynamic.

Everyone was extremely friendly and found time to chat.

Special shoutout to the guys in the  Audeze headphone room. Kept bringing us headphones to try, super nice, my daughter enjoyed it the most.

I hope the exhibitors found it worthwhile and i’d like to thank all who contributed.
I also enjoyed the audio show. I was able to see all the rooms but it took the better part of 2 days. I agree that the Fyne Audio speakers were very impressive. Great value for the money. They were in 2 rooms either the F702 mated with a Pass integrates (can’t recall the model) and the F502 with Bryston. I would rate the F702 as by far the best under $10,000 speakers at the show. I was pleasantly surprised as I had never heard of the brand before.
Izzy I spent some time in the Spatial room. I was underwhelmed. My thought was too much speaker in too small of a room. Perhaps a smaller model would have worked better. They also had them cranked up when I was there and the volume overwhelmed the space. Reminded me of visiting a friend’s friend who had a large pair of Spatial in a 8x12 room in a mobile home. My feet almost touched the speakers when I sat on the couch. Just my opinion.
Also went into Spatial having previously owned M3 Turbos. 
Very disappointed with the sound, did not spend too long in there.
Was hoping they would have the X3 or X5 but demoed the M3 Sapphire I believe.

as you will see here...there were also some spatial audio fans that liked the M3s and thought they sounded pretty good...

Here was my comment posted on ASR...  "The Spatial Audios sounded good...but for the tracks I got to hear, I expected more low end....could have been my seating position".   I'm wondering now how a different amp might have sounded...and how I would have felt had I brought my own music.  I heard the original M3s at Spatial in Utah driven my a Vinnie Rossi integrated and they sounded beautifully musical.