Floorstanding towers

I'm currently in the market for some new towers and have a few I'm looking at but am open to suggestions. I have my ways on the monitor audio bronze or silver series and the Martin Logan motion 40. I have also heard and like paradigm monitor series speakers. They will be paired with a parasound halo integrated and vinyl as well as streamed music will be the main source of sound. im open to ideas on other speakers in the 2-3k range for the pair. 
How large is your room, and do you have any rigid placement requirements (like they can't be away from a wall)?  That will have a big impact on the type of speaker you should get, and may allow members to give you more informed suggestions.  Also, what type of music do you listen to?
Just completed a search for new tower speakers and will be purchasing GoldenEar Tritons (Three+, $2500 new). They are one of the stone cold bargains in audio.

I would also check out Vandersteen 2Ce Sigs mentioned above.We might vey well have jumped n those if we hdn't heard the Tritons/

Both the above sound great with all kinds of music well, throw big soundstages and would easily be driven by your integrated.

Both the Tritons and the Vandies are also more coherent the MLs - and have larger sweet spots.
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I liked the Golden Ears I heard, but I think they err on the side of bright and forward which is rather typical of all AMT-type drivers.
Not all AMT drivers are bright and forward. It depends on speaker designer/builder's taste. Very few speaker builders know how to make speaker's sound forward or laid back (warm or bright, grain or smooth, dark or pleasant). Many doesn't know how.