floorstanding speakers for NAD C-320BEE amp

what speakers would complement the sound of the NAD amp best? The price should be $1000 or less, new or used.
Orginal Meadowlark KEstrals...around $750 used....
I have owned the NAD C320BEE for just over a year. Interestingly enough, I have only used the NAD with acoustic suspension/ sealed enclosure bookshelf speakers (the Acoustic Research 302 Classic Series and the NHT SB 2). If I were to extend this logic to floorstanders, I would say to take a look at the NHT ST4 (approx $1000 list).

Regards, Rich
I'll second the suggestion of original Meadowlark Kestrals, and add that you may wish to check out Meadowlark Swifts as well.
I heard it with Vandy 1's and the 541i CDP this week and it sounded great. I think for a $1500 system there wouldn't be very many that match or best this set up.
Why don't you try Tannoy's Saturn 8?
Just a thought.
I have the same amp. I was thinking Axiom M22ti or the M50ti. Any other suggestions? Meadowlark is a bit pricey for me. I would love to spend less the 600.00.
Keep in mind also that the NAD 320BEE has no subwoofer out, so the speakers need some kind of decent bass responce.
Help me out.
Tonymatelli- You can route your wiring thru a sub and use the sub's crossover.

Do 2 channel amps have sub outs or is that only for HT?
Vandersteen's 1C is rated down to 38Hz and is under $500 used.
Quad 21L or 22L which I power with my NAD C350 but I'm sure the 320BEE would be fantastic for these outstanding speakers.
I just tested the Vandersteen's and they're very bright. I then tried come JM Labs Chorus ...not bad
Tannoy and NAD pair nicely.
I just tested B&W 602S3. They're stand mounted not floor standing ($600.00). I really liked them. Super detailed, very alive sounding. Maybe a bit shallow but it seemed like a good choice for me.
Any thoughts?
Hi Tony:

Last year at this time, the British Hi Fi Magazines were big fans of the NAD 320BEE and the Rotel RA-01 integrated amplifiers. The Rotel tended to get the edge, because it had a phono input. The speakers that the two amps were almost always paired with were the B&W 602S3. So, actually your findings would make a lot of sense with What Hi Fi and some other British magazines.

Regards, Rich
Acoustic Energy EVO 3 floorstanders at $699.00 a pair retail ought to do the trick. What HIFI's winner in that price catagory by far! These are a steal.
I have an old NAD 7250pe and I love it with my Axiom m22tis. It is similar in sound and power to the 320bee. Of course, YMMV.

NAD's own recommendation for the NAD 320bee is PSB Alpha T, by the Canadian manufacturer PSB, which happens to be owned by the same holding company that owns NAD. A new pair is currently (Feb 11, 2004) listed at $349 on eBay, retail is about $550, I believe, but might be wrong.

Most recently TAS recommended the C320BEE mated with the PSB Image 5T.
Retail is $799 but can be found much cheaper at any dealer, my local dealer recommended the PSB Stratus Silver i with the NAD, can be found here for under $1000 used.
Find a nice used pair of NHT 2.5i's. Very lively sound with the NAD. Excellent bass. The NHT SB4 is also a good choice but I prefer the 2.5i. I like NHT because they seem to give you a lot for your money and are pretty much full frequency except for the lowest octaves.
The local NAD dealer runs the 320bee with Vandersteen 1C.
A friend of mine just bought that amp and auditioned a couple of speakers that are below your price point (~$500). Since it's my fault that he was buying stereo equipment, I went along with him. The speakers included the PSB Image 2B, the Triangle Comete, the JM Labs something or other (it shouldn't be too hard to figure out as I think there's only one speaker in that range), and the Dynaudio Audience 42's. Of the four, I thought that the PSB's offered the least exciting, but most vanilla sound. The Triangles were the detail champs and very engaging but didn't produce enough bass for my friend (I own a pair of Zephyr's, so I was somewhat biased). The JM Labs imaged unbelievably well, but sounded too detatched for both of us. He went with the Dynaudio's. The sound was really groovin' and they produced an amount of bass that surprised both of us (although I think the bass was a little boomy).

I know these speakers are below your price point, but hopefully this helps a little.