Floorstanding Speakers Advice

Hey all,

long time lurker of the site seeking some advice for a floorstanding speaker advice.

For a while I had a medium sized listening space and my Martin Logan ESL electromotions performed excellent, but recently I just moved into a much larger space, lets say like 18x26 and I noticed the ESLs just don't fill the room like they used to, and I am selling them, temporarily using some PSB 6T that fill the room decently.

The PSB 6T are not nearly as clear and "refined" as the ESLs and I've chosen to upgrade the dynamic floorstanders

At this point I can't afford buying new, so relying on the amazing used market where I live I was able to find these 3 promising floorstanders and was wondering if anyone has advice about the speakers comparatively/to my needs

NHT 3.3
PSB Synchrony 2
Paradigm Studio 100 v2

what I want:
overall sound quality
fill the room with sound
neutral coloration, I listen to a lot of different music
clean bass
musicality much more important than home theatre aspect

the sensitivity does't matter, I was planning on biamping with restored hafler dh220 115wpc for highs and a hafler transnova p7000 350wpc for lows.

using integra research rdc 7.1 as pre/dac feeding lossless from PC via digital coax

I'm leaning towards the NHT 3.3 due to reviews and the insane low end extension of 19hz.. Just wondering if the PSB/Paradigm can exceed the overall quality of the NHT with an additional high quality subwoofer

There's a pair of Joseph Audio RM25XL for sale here at an attractive price that do everything you're looking for.  They're a pretty easy load so likely no need to biamp. If stereo sound is important I'd also strongly recommend you upgrade to a good stereo preamp that will likely greatly improve sound quality over a prepro.  Best of luck.