Floorstanding Speakers

Are floorstanders only sound good in large rooms and why ?
Thank you.
Cannot correlate stand mound vs floorstanders with regard to roomsize (or anything else really). Example, Totem Arro are floorstand great in small toom. Wilson Benesch Discovery or Dynaudio 25 anniversary are stand mount and could fill a large room. I think your post should describe what you are trying to do with your current equipment and roomsize, listening levels and biases ...forget about stand vs floor.
Thank you... I'll be thinking about it.
It is more of a consideration. Of course, whatever room you use for listening will be a factor in the resulting sound of the speaker you choose. As a very general guide there are many floorstanding speakers that benefit from a bit more distance from the listener in order that the perceived sound is more cohesive. It seems likely that in a small room where you would have to sit fairly close to these kind of speakers it would be more possible to hear the contributions of each of the drivers individually-bass/midrange/treble.Not a bad thing if you are all for it.I would say that ultimately the question ? For the record, my first speakers were pioneer floorstanders. My contribution to the sound was a rather small, sparsely furnaced livingroom with wood floors. The sound was unbelievable! A vivid reproduction of what little detail it managed to capture, and bass that B---- slapped me until I was speaking in tongues.
There are floorstanders that are designed to be close to walls - Royd Audio is one of them - http://www.roydaudio.com . They are a small british company that make speakers at the same level as Dynaudio and Totem.

hmmm? In reading my post I see I left out this..ultimately the question is whether you like the speaker-floorstanding or mounted-whatever its design, in your room. There are no rules.