Floorstanding Speaker - Recommendation

Anyone try any of the following speakers? If so, please provide comments.

Revel Concerta F12
Dynaudio Focus 220
Totem Acoustic Forest
Definitive Technology Mythos STS

This would be for a 2-channel (stereo) audio system powered by the Linn Akurate 4200 (4-channel) power amp in a 12'x14' room with a cathedral ceiling.

I want full dynamic range, wide soundstage with deep / accurate / tight bass. I'm also looking for a speaker that is "easy" to place (no too picky on room placement).
Check out Magenpan 1.6Rs or Reference 3A Veenas.
Proac Tritowers.
Maggies may be a little to tough to place if you want 'easy'.
My 1.6s respond to just a few inches of movement. My old, mg-1s were more tolerant.
I like the Totem sound, the Def Tech is a bit hot for me but was well recieved in review, the Revel has great bass...........dont you love asking what others would pick from a narrow list and the first 2 replies are of completely different speakers?
I know folks want to help but sticking to the point is helpful aswell.
I would recommend that you audition the Totem Hawk. It sounded great in my room, which is almost same size as yours, 13x15 with cathedral ceiling. Had very nice, tight bass when placed about 18" from front wall. These were driven with McIntosh MC252 (250w/ch).
I hate to disagree with Smholl but the hawks are offal
I own the forests,winds and sharmans and for the money on the used market the winds are you best buy. I actually had a pair of Hawks and within a month i traded them in for my first pair of winds. I now power my home threater with three sets of winds and what a sound. The forests are very good but they don't have the depth and bass of the winds. I asked the one of the dealers I purchased a pair of winds from why the Hawks sound so bad and he told me that
the Winds, forests and sharmans all have Dynaudio Drivers
monified by Totem and the lower models hawks included
have different drivers. The other speakers I dont have any experience with. You may want to look at the Plinius amp Totem uses to test their speakers and a MSB Dac.
Totem Forests
Plinius 8200 http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?intatran&1232421234&/Plinius-8200-MKII-silver-integ
MSB DAC http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?dgtlconv&1232477888&/MSB-link-dac-iii-
Killer system and will fill the room
of the ones you've listed, the forest