Floorstanding Speaker Feedback

Am considering a small(ish) pair of floorstanding loudspeakers and am trying to narrow the possibilities for our downsized retirement home. They will be paired with a LSA Statement integrated amp. They need to be nearly full range (30hz- ish) and need high WAF. Room is open concept, fairly large (600 sq. ft and adjacent to other rooms). Mostly jazz, classical, female/male solo voice, etc. Nothing loud nowadays. Will be replacing best speaker "system" I've owned (A heavily modded pair of Van L. Speakerworks - of Chicago - Quartets and a pair of REL T-7 subs). The short list so far are: Revel Performa F208, Dynaudio Focus 260, LSA 2.1 Statements, Usher Mini Dancer 2's and Vienna Acoustic Baby Grands. Budget is $3000-$5000. Have also considered DeVore . . . but the Orangutan o/93 are a tad outside the budget. Anyone who is familiar with any or all of these care to comment? Appreciate the feedback as I narrow my "search".
Check out the Spendor line of speakers.
Sorry... might only be widening your search but do consider Totem. See if you can audition Hawks or Forests. You definitely have some well-regarded names on your list. (along with Yogiboy's Spendor suggestion). Good luck.
If interested in other options as well, consider Totem and OHM Walsh perhaps.
Thanks. Open to suggestions for sure. Should mention that I like electrostatics. But typically too big, too unattractive (to wife) and most require a sub (IMO). Although I have considered the Martin Logan Ethos . . . a bit above budget. At this point limiting myself to more conventional "box" speakers.

FWIW, Quad Electrostats are one of the speakers that I auditioned and delivered the kind of sound I was looking for to replace a pair of older Magnepans before I settled on OHM Walsh a few years back, for a fraction of the cost. The OHMs tend to deliver a lot of sound out of a smaller WAF friendly package, including excellent dynamics overall in particular. Also they are fairly omnidirectional and sound similarly good from most any listening location in a room, not just the "sweet spot".
Thanks Mapman. You know, I didn't realize Ohm was still around. Don't know why they weren't on my radar. I used to listen to them years ago (early 80's) at a local brick and mortar shop. Always liked "their look" and honestly don't remember a thing about them sonically. I would imagine they have evolved over the years and are a much different speaker today??? You have given me some food for thought. Am sure they have their pros and cons . . . like all speakers. Something to research.
"I would imagine they have evolved over the years and are a much different speaker today??? "

OHM Walsh sound has evolved to remain competitive. More refined and detailed. The latest are 4th generation/revision since originals in early 80's.
To give you another data point, I had electrostats for many years and found Wilson Benesch Curves to have that coherent sound similar to electrostats but with better bass, good WAF and they're not finicky with placement or amps. US distribution is pretty sparse, so not always easy to audition, but worth it if possible. In your $ range if used.
I would go with the Sierra Towers from Ascend Acoustics at the $2K mark for my retirement days, which are not that far away.

I own the Sierra 1 monitors and absolutely love the sound.

There is a 30 day guarantee.

I'd say Revel F208's, especially if you like electro stats. I don't consider them small but sure would be nice in a 600 sq ft room. I'm sure you've read the reviews. I've spent some time with them and I personally fell in love. I've been preparing my wife. I've got some Harbeths with Skylan stands and a huge REL sub that are getting ready to gomupmfor sale on the gone this fall.
In your price range, and given that you don't expect to play your speakers at ear-bleeding levels, you should not limit your choices to small floorstanders. There are plenty of great stand-mounted speakers that should be in consideration.

Although I only heard the Odyssey Lorelei at a show, I was quite impressed with how warm, relaxed, full and yet not sluggish and murkey, they sounded. These seem to be quite a bargain (small floorstanding speaker that retail for $2,700 per pair).

I generally like the sound of Proac speakers, both their floorstanding and stand-mounted speakers. I would bet that something in that line would work well for you.

I am also a fan of the "Classic" Spendor line of speakers (stand-mounted speakers). I prefer these models to their newer lines which are on the leaner, "more detailed" side. I tend to like their stand-mounted speakers over their floorstanders as well.

The cheaper stand-mounted speakers from Audionote can also be quite good for the money. These are speakers on the warmer side, and they do have a bit of a loose sounding bass response, but, the overall sound is very musical and lively even when listening at lower levels. These speakers are meant to be placed near the corners of the room, but, they can be moved out a bit (might even be "better" given how bass heavy their speakers can sound).

I would also audition the cheaper and smaller DeVore speakers. The cheap, none electrostatic floorstanding Quads (made in China) can also sound quite decent for the money.
"I'd say Revel F208's, especially if you like electro stats. I don't consider them small but sure would be nice in a 600 sq ft room."

Yes. I'd have to say these are the "leader in the clubhouse." Checks all the boxes. Modern, updated, attractive design from a great company with a solid history. I do think they'd pair well with the Statement amp. Although I think this amp would be a good match for any high quality set of speakers. Have to admit to having been an Usher fan over the years (have owned a couple of their speakers including BE-10's). And have personally always liked Martin Logan - so the Ethos, if I can find a "deal" are also high on my list. Am thinking those are the final "3". Don't relish the idea of selling what I have . . . but hey, that's what makes this hobby so much fun. Sure. :)
Selah is a small manufacturer very worth a thought. There is a lovely pair of floorstanders on here now for 3700 that I would be very pleased to own. I don't know the particular design, but the components are excellent, and Selah has been very nice on the occasions I've heard them.

They are thirsty, but I believe your LSA has grunt, no?

On the higher efficiency end, there's a pair of Vaughn Zinfandels offered here in your range.

The Vaughns are what I currently use and very much enjoy, with a 30 wpc amp. Powered bass, so solid thump.

If you like the Orangutans (as I do!), which perhaps means you trend toward a more relaxed sound, I think both Selah and Vaughn could be worth a thought.

For the Devore line, I'd put the Selahs I've heard and the Vaughns above the Nines, and below the O series.

Good luck!

If you like the Martin Logan sound consider a used Montis. I've read the Montis is the most seamless ML speaker to date. Of the speakers you mentioned Vienna Acoustics has the edge in build quality and aesthetics. The relaxed treble on the VA might not be for you? Other speakers to consider are the Gershman Acoustics-Sonogram and the Focus Audio-FP88SE. Both these Canadian speakers have "claimed" bass well into 30's(hz) region and have an extended treble. With the weaker Canadian dollar you might find a good deal on either speaker.
"In your price range, and given that you don't expect to play your speakers at ear-bleeding levels, you should not limit your choices to small floorstanders."

Thanks. My current sub/satellite speakers are phenomenal. I'm specifically looking for floorstanders at this point.

"If you like the Martin Logan sound consider a used Montis."
I agree. If I thought I could find a mint pair for $5K or less . . . they'd be my choice. Thanks.

Have appreciated everyone's recommendations and have learned about and rediscovered some names I hadn't given much thought to. I've always thought ice cream shoppes should have one flavor to make the decision process easier!! :) And probably a good deal more boring.

I like the sound of the Gershman GA-P 858, which is WAY out of the OP's price range. Is the Sonogram a scaled down version of that speaker? It would be a winner if that is the case. Gershman makes some very nice sounding speakers that are NOT on the lean and mean side (VERY common audiophile sound these days). I generally do not like the sound of speakers that were designed using the Canadian National Research Council laboratory/protocol, but this brand is the exception.
The Gershman speakers have my interest. Can anyone further describe the Sonograms and Avant Garde models? Comparisons to other speakers? Thanks.
Second the Sierra Acoustics (newer version with Raal tweeter)

Also, try to listen to some PMCs - FB1 or better yet, OB1i.
I have a set of Gershman Sonograms. They go down to 28hz, so there is plenty of bottom end. The midrange driver is a 2 inch Morel which makes female vocals most excellent. The speakers are very balanced from top to bottom. Google online reviews, they are out there. I replaced a pair of Wilson Audio Witt mk II with them and they filled the void very nicely.
There is a pair of Songrams for sale on this site right now.
Just curious, with your LSA Statement amp, why not consider the LSA statement tower speakers?

Opinion on those seem to range from good to very good.

Thanks. The LSA Statements are on the "list". Am also looking at a pair of Essence Electrostatics right now. Am leaning the direction of electrostatics - Essence, Martin-Logan or Janszen. But am investigating others including a pair of demo Gershman Avant Gardes. That's the update.
Should also mention that I have communicated with John at Van L. Speakerworks. If I sell the Quartets I'd be interested in a custom pair of his floorstanding Silhouettes done in a Quartet (MTM) configuration.
I'm with Mapman: Ohm Walsh. Looks like your budget and listening needs
suggest the Ohm Walsh Tall 4000 or 5000. An omni is a great way to fill an open
architecture listening space with a minimum footprint. Walsh 4000s have a
footprint of just a little over a square foot, are short enough (41") to be
unobtrusive, and have that mid-20s bass you're looking for.

A well-designed omni--made to work with the listening room--tends to have a
natural tonal balance, and the soundstage is stable and realistic. I still daily use
bipolar Mirage M5si's (bought in 1996) and had Mirage OMD-15s for over five
years in an open architecture living room, to great effect. I also worked at an
Ohm dealer many years ago, so I have various frames of reference for omni's.

One thing great about omni's is their in-room power response, with no areas of
suckout or "cupped hands" midrange. Sit anywhere and it sounds
Thanks, all. I can certainly relate to the "gone are the days of the great audition" thread. Nowadays, being left with online reviews, personal suggestions, magazines and the like certainly seems to make the search become based upon "faith" as much as anything. Makes the decision(s)very difficult.

I recently hear the LSA tower speaker (standard edition), with some very good equipment and playback, and although it was OK, I wasn't all that impressed.

No real 'errors' to speak of, just a little to polite [ok boring] for my tastes. Nothing exciting about them at all, and the drivers looked very cheap Chinese production..

To be fair, the Signature or Statement may be totally different.

You may like the Gershmans; I like a dome midrange (PMC/ATC especially) because you get such aliveness and clarity when you get the tweeter out of the midrange band.
By way of update the "search" ended yesterday when my new Usher Mini Dancer 2's in walnut finish arrived at the house. They ticked all the boxes and are stunningly beautiful (in my opinion). Not really small that's for sure. Time for some break-in. Here's a good one . . . sold my amp, new one hasn't arrived. So for now, they're just decorations.