Floorstanders with a large sweetspot

I'm looking for a pair of floorstanders under $2.5k new or used that (1) can be placed close to a wall and (2) have a reasonably large sweetspot. I will drive then with an integrated tube amp, TBD based on the speakers. The room they will be in is 12 x 18. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks.
Two other suggestions are the Von Schweikert VR-33 and, if you can find them, Allison One. WAF is so subjective involving size, shape, color/finish, detailing, decor of the rest of the room, etc.
I owned Tekton Uruz and was very pleased with their off axis ability (even wide off axis), but they were designed to use the wall behind to reinforce the bass and had have the front panel of the speaker 32" - 36" from the wall in my room.