Floorstanders for Unison Unico P?

I recently purchased a pair of Triangle Titus ES's for my Unison Unico P. Despite the Unico's laid back style, the Titus's are still too bright for me. Any suggestions for a pair of floorstanders to be used with this amp?
If you can find them used ... Opera Plateas. Made by the same company. Quite the sweet sounding speaker with tubes. They come up from time to time for $800 or so a pair.

Thanks, Rich. There are a pair of Opera Seconda's on A'gon right now. Any experience with those?
No direct experience. The original Secondas were Plateas with a second woofer if I remember correctly.

The prices for Opera speakers may seem a little high, but they are made like fine furniture ... hardwoods, as opposed to mdf, custom designed SEAS speakers,etc.

$1500 seems like a good price for a well cared demo. I paid $1100 for the Plateas on closeout, they listed for $2k or so.