Floorstanders for small room 10x10ft

I'm looking for a stereo setup with floorstanders for music (acoustic, classical & electronic dance music) & movies in my bedroom.

My criteria is that is has to have bass & slam for movies and dance music but also a great midrange and realism for acoustic music & movies...

The speaker need to be placed as close to the wall as possible (4-12" maximum). Where I live in Mexico most bedrooms are this small, even in 3bd villas. So it shouldn't overload the room.

I prefer not to go the subwoofer route (integration issues) and I don't need rumble bass for FX in movies but 30-35Hz would be nice.

I've been looking at Tekton Katz Meow V3, Schweikert VR-33 (too big?), GR Audio N3 and the Gallo Classico 3 (perhaps too short to reach over the bed)..

Any other suggestions for speakers and comments on the candidates are welcome.

For amplification I'll decide based on speaker choice between hybrid amps (Monarchy 160 or Van Alstine 400R) and maybe tubes (Decware TORII)
I can't wait to read the recommendations for this one.
Why has to be floorstanders if monitors on stands will perform better in a small room? I believe the Revel M20 can go down to 30Hz without any help with a sub-woofer in a small room.
A near perfect speaker for your situation would be the Mirage OS3FS floorstander. It is very transparent and dynamic and has a room-filling dispersion pattern. The only thing is if you want bass into the 30's you'll need a sub or two. They have a 5.5" x 6.25" footprint and can go close to the wall like you need. On their own they're good to about 55 Hz. But they're fast and lively, but smooth and easy to listen to for long periods.
The Tekton M-Lore fills this bill see latest Stereo-mojo reveiw. Only 34 inches tall, front port allows close to wall placement. Good luck.
Ditto the Silverline Prelude...an amazing speaker that makes the owner a better person (I even gained a half inch in height). They did raise the price recently ($1499?) but you can find them used, and there is nothing like them out there it seems. They respond well to upgrades in cable and front end items, as well as amps, Vibrapods, heavy drinking, light drinking, no drinking at all, and used brain surgery head braces found in a hospital dumpster.
Totem Arros! They're voiced to be placed close to back walls. They sound really good. Check out the reviews. They come up fairly regularly.
Question re: the Preludes. I had the Minuets and agree that Silverline makes excellent products. Just curious about placement in a square room for them or any of the other slim floorstanders. Would they sound best at an angle, centered off a corner, rather than straight off a wall?

I wish they'd changed the veneer to match the Minuet Supreme with that price increase. I would be inclined toward used if I were looking at them.

BTW, another option would be the Rega RS3. Heard RS5s recently and they're fantastic. The smaller ones would probably be better in the smaller space, although you have to be careful of bass issues, from what I've read.
I have had many situations where the room dictated that the speakers be as close to the wall as possible and have had excellent success with front-ported speakers. There are many to choose from.
The Preludes have cheesy vinyl (mine are the non rosewood looking rosewood)...a real wood veneer would be cool. They don't have excess bass so the placement isn't too difficult.
not sure what your budget is, but he Von Schwiekert Unifield 3s was designed for such a purpose. This speaker can be placed against the wall and sounds great in small rooms.
Magico v2 or v3 or MINI 2s used.
Thanks for all the replies! I've been looking at all the suggestions. I guess a front ported speaker makes most sense. Budget is up to $4k..

Anybody successfully integrated a REL sub with monitors? I'm extremely sensitive to integration. I had a pair of subs once and they where just junk.
I have used REL subs with Sonus Faber monitors, first the Cremona Auditor M and now the Guarneri Memento. Seamless integration in both cases IMHO.
With the tekton lores, you wouldnt need a sub and save yourself 3k.
I'm with Vedder and the previous poster in support of Tekton. The M-Lore, Oriel-10, or Lore would fit that situation and give you in-room response well into the 30Hz range. They're front ported and can be placed against the wall without issue.

Save the money and get a higher-quality amplifier with good THD and IM distortion numbers.
You may also want to look at Rega RS3. I have a similar-size room to yours. I went through alot of different speakers through the years in that room including Magnepan 1.6's, Martin Logan Aerius, Monitor Audio RS6, Thiel 1.2, and the list goes on. All were very fine speakers, but they seemed to overpower the room and excite it too much. I now have the Rega RS3 and they seem to fit just right in a room this size. They are easy to drive and sound very transparent and smooth. They also have adequate bass with the side-firing woofer, without exciting the room too much. I am not saying they are the ultimate speaker, but for me, they are a much better match to the room than speakers I owned in the past. Also they seem nicely built (in the UK) and you can buy them new for around $1,000.