Floorstanders: 1k used-Psb,Audes,etc....

Looking at going with a big speaker...contemplating PSB gold,Audes Jazz,Paradigm studio 100, Vandersteen 2ce,etc...looking for holographic imaging(or close) and decent, controlled low end...any frontrunners? Listen to mostly rock,electronic,etc...
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PSB Gold i's are excellent. somebody put a pair up for $800 today. Nice deal.
Try Ohm Model I. There is a refurbished set on Ebay for $850. (not mine). I have had a pair of these for 25 years and will never trade them away.
psb gold stratus i is a very good speaker. almost full range. fairly effiecient sweet mid range,musical with good timing. a bit wooly on bottom end.pairs nicely with solid state amps.
Paradigm Studio 100 is a nice speaker. But, I don't think you'll even be able to get the v.2 for under a grand. Let alone the v.3. If you haven't listened to B&W 603S3, new for 1k, it'd be worth a trip. Just for comparison purposes.
psb gold
To confirm mlauner's comments - PSB Gold i with Bryston 4Bst. You'll be in rock nirvana.
Alon,if you can find them.
I can vouch for the PSBs and the Vandersteens. I owned a pair of PSBs for 10+ years and they rocked well. Have also heard several Vandersteen 2ce systems that were very musical. The PSBs are more neutral than the Vandersteen 2ce, but again, the Vandersteens are very musical. Used 2ce's can be had for a bit less than PSB (although I don't watch closely).

Don't think I'd say either had "holographic" imaging (a la martin logan electrostats). I believe Vandy's are 1st order crossover and time aligned so that should benefit imaging.
I like Tyler F2 Freedom series drivers put into a floorstanding cabinet. I really like mine. Great sound and looks.
With your tastes,I would agree with the posts championing the PSB Gold.And the Bryston would, as Snofun implies be an excellent mate,mate...good luck,Bob
PSB Stratus Gold is strong consideration. You may want to check out the person with the handle, "Ngellner", who bought a pair after posting a thread called, "A Pleasing Start."