Floored by Beatles "White Album" Reissue

I bought a sealed copy of this reissue, and it's the most quiet four slabs of vinyl I've ever heard. Sound quality is as good, or better than any other vinyl I can remember hearing. Along with the double White Album, included is the "Esher" demos recorded at George Harrison's recording studio.

All the songs are played with acoustic guitars. Incredibly good sound, and hearing them play so many songs without all the studio effects make you realize just how good those guys really were. I've been wanting a new copy of this music since 1972, when my house burned down, along with my vinyl collection. This set was worth waiting for. Also, for some reason, I kept thinking of Art Dudley, and the influence he had on my changing my system to a return to analog, and the switch to tube amps and preamps, and speakers that would allow that to happen. Best night of music listening I can remember hearing, ever.

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By the way The White Album on cassette sounds great, open and dynamic, more dynamic than CD. Prior to start of loudness wars.

"I'm hard pressed to choose a favorite side."

Me too, even though side 2 has both I'm So Tired and Piggies.

But then side 3 has Sexy Sadie.

Sam here and vinyl cut from a digital copy is nothing more than a vinyl cd.You must transfer the digital copy to analog reel to reel and then cut the reel to reel to vinyl.vinyl cut from analog tape = stereo + stereo depth perception. vinyl cut from digital copy = stereo + stereo depth perception.
I bought the Miles remix CD of Sgt. Pepper and it's unlistenable due to extreme treble...just bad...maybe the vinyl is better but man...and my original copy of the White Album still works so...meh...
I bought the be 14 mono LP and have to say I was disappointed, the sound stage seems to collapse and it's more bottom heavy without individual instruments standing out.