Floored by Beatles "White Album" Reissue

I bought a sealed copy of this reissue, and it's the most quiet four slabs of vinyl I've ever heard. Sound quality is as good, or better than any other vinyl I can remember hearing. Along with the double White Album, included is the "Esher" demos recorded at George Harrison's recording studio.

All the songs are played with acoustic guitars. Incredibly good sound, and hearing them play so many songs without all the studio effects make you realize just how good those guys really were. I've been wanting a new copy of this music since 1972, when my house burned down, along with my vinyl collection. This set was worth waiting for. Also, for some reason, I kept thinking of Art Dudley, and the influence he had on my changing my system to a return to analog, and the switch to tube amps and preamps, and speakers that would allow that to happen. Best night of music listening I can remember hearing, ever.

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Glad you got a good pressing. The digital version I streamed online was Louder overall like most newer remasters but very good and noticeably different even not at full cd resolution. Higher res digital or vinyl must really be good.
Islandmandan I agree with you.  I have 3 or 4 copies and the reissue is the best by far.  I actually prefer the Esher Demos to the finished album.  Well worth the purchase price and one of my favorite Beatles albums.
Mapman, Dave,

Especially the Esher demos really showed just how good the Beatles really were, so I couldn't agree more.
Timely thread.

Maca was on Sirius with Stern(like him or not)the other day. It's free right now, so I tuned in. 

That, and this thread inspired a spin. Simply timeless music. Thankfully, the music makes up for the sometimes odd hard L/R.

Anyone own both the 68 Apple label and the 76 Capitol? 

I'm just curious how the sonics compare? I only have a clean 76 press. My copy sounds great(relatively speaking) Typically go for period presses.

One of the rare  double albums that's easy to get sucked into playing 4 sides.
I'm hard pressed to choose a favorite side.
What "reissue" are you talking about?  I have the Mo-Fi boxed set of Beatles albums, the stereo version.  Just the other day, I was comparing the White Album from that set to an "original" US pressing, on Capital I think.  While the latter LP is noisy, the SQ seems slightly superior to the Mo-Fi.  I also compared Revolver from the Mo-Fi set to a mint original Parlophone stereo pressing.  Guess which was better.  The Parlophone, by a mile.  (Probably not a surprise.)  So, if there is yet another reissue of the White Album, I am possibly a buyer.  Thanks.
The 2019 reissue of Abbey Road (its remixed and reformatted)is worth investing in also. I have the digital versions of both. The Blu-ray 7.1 is unbelievable. I'm looking at investing in the vinyl after reading this post. Got to say that this is definitely the way to remaster and remix older albums.Huge Kudos to Giles Martin.
I would consider the Abbey Road Giles Martin reissue as well, but I already have an original issue, and a Mobile Fidelity reissue already, so I probably won't go after that one.

I borrowed the multiple disc box from the library and it is truly amazing to hear the development of each song from the Esher demo to the finished Lp's. Sound quality of all is great.
Let's not forget the terrific Pepper reissue that started it all.
I guess Let it Be is coming next, it will be interesting to see where it goes from there.
I have an Abbey Road that I purchased in 1970 and played the heck out of it. It’s nevertheless superior in many ways to the mo-fi stereo from the boxed set, to my chagrin. Probably my favorite Beatles LP. I’ve ordered the new White album reissue. Re Abbey Road: The bass riffs on Come Together used to overload the woofers on my IMF speakers back in 1970. My response was to turn up the volume.
This thread has rekindled interest in putting the White album further up my long list when bin diving.

After taking my Capitol issue for a spin(which is quite good), I REALLY want to find the elusive 68 mono.

I enjoy the Giles SP, but I have a clean Capitol, and it still has a more organic presentation that's noticeable even to the SO and her friends. I've never heard the reissue mono, so can't comment on that one.

Something about most reissues on my system is tonality of bass. Always seems bumped up and "overly lumpy"

Just my unqualified observation on my normal fi setup.
Man oh man I read this earlier, I'm cleaning out the basement two days ago, what did I find, Abbey Road, The White Album, and Rubber Soul.
40 years ago, last time they were used. Still pretty good shape. Ok let me knock the dust off the ol' Russco(s).

That's a great find, 'olhvymec. You're an 'olhvymec, I'm an old hvy machinery breaker. Both trades were hard work, and hard on the body.

Enjoy your equipment, enjoy the music, and stay well (home).

Couldn’t agree more. The 2019 White Album sounds so great.  But I bought the non deluxe version without the Esther demos...
the escher demos in good quality is the only reason to buy this set.i hate the martin jr reimaginings.sonically, the 2014 mono remaster sounds much better, pure analogue goodness !
By the way The White Album on cassette sounds great, open and dynamic, more dynamic than CD. Prior to start of loudness wars.

"I'm hard pressed to choose a favorite side."

Me too, even though side 2 has both I'm So Tired and Piggies.

But then side 3 has Sexy Sadie.

Sam here and vinyl cut from a digital copy is nothing more than a vinyl cd.You must transfer the digital copy to analog reel to reel and then cut the reel to reel to vinyl.vinyl cut from analog tape = stereo + stereo depth perception. vinyl cut from digital copy = stereo + stereo depth perception.
I bought the Miles remix CD of Sgt. Pepper and it's unlistenable due to extreme treble...just bad...maybe the vinyl is better but man...and my original copy of the White Album still works so...meh...
I bought the be 14 mono LP and have to say I was disappointed, the sound stage seems to collapse and it's more bottom heavy without individual instruments standing out.
If you don't have the original master tapes to work with.It will only be a digital recording. No matter how many times your recording and transfering. But the Beatles were always well recorded. Just never  liked the old stereo separation of the voices and instrument's. 
Giles did have access to the original tapes, but his intentions were never to release THE definitive digital versions of Pepper, the White album and Abbey Road.

The intention was to capitalise on the 50th anniversary and shift some more product.

This he has managed to do quite well.

Hence the gravy train will continue.

The 1987 White album remains the best digital option to date. Some early ones had poor edits between songs but that was corrected soon after as did the identical 30th anniversary edition in 1998.
Funny found this post, I'm listening to this specific remastered 96khz 24 bits and started looking in audiogon for digital remaster and this exact album comes out I'm very surprised of the distortion, started listening to Something the mix,
it hurts my ears,
Comes the Sun a little better but still bad, Something, the studio demo, can't do, so disappointing

Switched to Blue Notes release of Bobby Hutcherson, The Kicker, Redbook, but sooo much better.

It is not my rig
By far my favorite Beatles Album. Tried to ask about these on a non-audiophile forum and got nowhere. I don't care about pressing quality, noise, etc. All I want to know is this: which vinyl version has the best SOUND quality, irrespective of pressing noise. Only version I have is the original Mobile Fidelity half speed master.
They did a very good job of digitally remastering The White Album that time around to make it sound different and ear catching.   Better?  Maybe.   Definitely louder overall but in a good way not bad.  Glad it shows on the vinyl as well.
The remix is excellent and sounds great. For original mix, the 1978 UK white vinyl is a great option though not cheap. 
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