Floor stands for tube amps

I want to DIY. Maple cutting boards and e*ay spikes come to mind but would it be similar (and so much less expensive) to use MDF left over from an Ikea kitchen remodel? Nice "maple" veneer and very dense and heavy. The platforms would be about 12x12.

Also, should I build 4; two under my DCM Time Windows with blue tack or use threaded inserts right into the bottom of the cabinets?


you've a perfect opportunity in front of you presently to find out with regard to the Akiea counter top materials.

I thought and planned, and thought and planned and tried several materials other than Maple for footers and platforms. When I CAD some Maple stands (solid Maple BTW) the price I got for somenoe else to glue them together and rough sand them though not fit them together... I'd do that... the price was incredible. Well over $500. for 2 inch thick end grain hardwood Maple. Nothing exotic actually.

I found the Ebony and Mahogany IMO superior were I to have gone that way. I didn't.

I had to buy squeaker stands for my HT rears, and had already bought a Sound Anchor six shelf damped rack, so I called SA and inquired about amp stands instead. that wound up being a great move and quite fortuitous. got a pair of damped amp stands for $250 that had been ordered by a amp maker that didn't follow thru with his order... I'm definitely pleased and all my stands and such match too.

If I had that counter top I'd rip it into the size I needed and play with the supports, Blue tact, spikes, adding a pocket underneath I could fill ... etc.

To go out and buy all the materials straight up, cut plane, rip, fit, glue, clamp, sand, sand, finish sand, stain, drill, spike, seal, and dampen, it might pay to think of other paths which may well prove out less expensive and be as good, or better ones.
Target makes a very reasonable price unit, if you like black. You could add your top piece and damp the top with a foam steering wheel cover which can provide great isolation when paired with the Target stands. Don't think you want to 'couple', but rather isolate.
you should go to a Kitchen counter top shops, and have them cut two slabs of 1 1/2" solid granite, they work great very solid, and they look great, Got my on black, highly polished
like granite a lot better than maple blocks:

Yes, I was thinking about granite counter-top material. Did you put spikes under it?

Still thinking about my speakers. I have a pair of old DCM Time Windows; still sounding VERY good. I am on a VERY tight budget, so little inexpensive tweeks will have to do for now. I was thinking of drilling spikes directly into the bottom of the cabinets, and also considering 1 1/2" MDF platforms (and Blu Tack) with spikes. Any opinions on which would work best?


Cheap and easy... Bamboo craving board with halved tennis balls underneath.