Floor Standing under $1000 Polk vs Paradigm

I am moving from monitors to floorstanding speakers. I am gonna have a baby crawiling around and don't want a 40 lb monitor to fall on her. I figure floor standing speakers will be more stable. I have a talk electronics cyclone integrated amp. It is SS and a solid 60 wpc. I am currently looking at Paradigm Studio 60 and Polk LSi 15. They seem in the same ballpark.Anyone have a chance to compare these before?

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I used to own the Polk Lsi 15s and they are great for the money and easily best the Paradigms,but up to 5k thats some pretty strong words,infact the Salksound Veracity Ht-3s will obliterate the Lsi 15s or anything anywhere near that pricerange and signicantly above.