floor standing speakers with powered woofer

I would like to get a list of floor standing speakers with active/powered woofers . I will leave my individual details open so that others may find this list useful as well .

Thank You
Infinity Prelude MTS
Golden ear.
I haven't personally heard them but the Boenicke W5 really floated Srajan's boat over at 6moons.com and he's paired them with his Zu Submission Sub with great results. Boenickes' own sub should work as well.

Here's the link: http://6moons.com/audioreviews/boenicke5/1.html

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Martin Logan
Great , I will check those out , thank you .
Any more ?
Specifically GoldenEar Triton Two and Triton Three.

Also, tower speakers made by one of GoldenEar founder Sandy Gross's previous companies, Definitive Technology.
Vandersteen and Von schweikerts
I have the Infinity Prelude Compositions MTS. Vastly underrated speaker. Google/Read Robert Harley''s review in Stereophile. Four-way dynamic loudspeaker with internal woofer amp. Driver compliment: 12" woofer, four 5.25" lower-midrange units, two 4" upper-midrange drivers, 1" soft dome tweeter. Frequency response: 25hz-20kHz. 6 ohms nominal. 96db sensitivity.

I bought these speakers to pair with my Cary 300B SEI Integrated. Approximately 11 watts. An extremely good match.

At the moment I have them connected to my Cary V12 & Slp98 combo. Heavenly 50watts Triode that will bring you to tears often. Just right warm, full, midrange to-die-for, yet still transparent. It rocks Led Zep. Size and scale on large orchestra is just right. Tone, tone, timbre, you hear the strings plucked plus bod, decay, really nice. Well you get the idea. Good luck.
P.S. I believe Stereomojo used this speaker for Stereomojo DAC shoot out.
The 3 largest speakers in our line up does

Montana KAS2

Theres even a audiogon reseller almost giving away a pair here

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Def Tech
Has Infinity ceased production of the Prelude MTS ? I don't seem able to find any listed at their website .
If they have , what would a used pair be worth and when was the last year of production ?

Mikirob ; you list the composition sensitivity at 96db.
A review at Stereophile covers the Prelude MTS and lists a
sensitivity of 90db. Do you know what is the difference between these two models that causes the higher sensitivity rating ?

Thank you , and please keep them coming .
Zu Definition (built in amplifier drives the downward firing subwoofers) and Zu Dominance (requires an external amplifier)
All Rethm speakers (built in amplifiers drive the downward firing subwoofers)
YG Acoustics; Kipod, Anat, Sonja
Saki, you are likely reading a review of the later model, which was 90db. The specs I gave are for the earlier model that I have, taken directly from the Owner's Manuel. The review in Stereophile was from around 2000-2001 by Robert Harley. Infinity no longer makes this speaker...they screwed it up with the later model.

Go here:

P.S., I have seen them for sale for around $1,000, cost new was about $3,400. The only problem I ever heard about was that the speaker surrounds sometimes needs replacing. Mine are still good after 12 years, never any problem. Still play them nearly every day.
Polk Audio LSi25 is another option. Think they are out of production but not a bad speaker used.
Few of the Mirage OM series were powered. Mirage OM-6, 8, and OM-5 (which I own). I believe one or two of the M-series did as well..possibly M-990?
Vandersteen 5, 5A, 7, Treo and Quattro fit that description.
ACI Talisman & Talisman SE's, four ways with powered subwoofers. Less than 300 pairs were made I believe.
the AV123 mini strata has an 8" powered sub. Only available on the used market, but an extremely satifying bargain speaker if you can find a pair.
Ok , now we are getting the makings of a nice list !
Please keep them coming as I check into your suggestions .

Thank You
Evolution Acoustics floor standers