Floor standing speakers under $1500.00

I have a 28 x 22 foot room with vaulted ceiling going from 8' to 20'. I listen to mainly classic rock, rock, jazz and blues. I am presently using a 2 channel 100 wpc Yamaha tuner but will eventually upgrade. I listen to vinyl, cd and internet radio. any suggestions on floor standing speakers. I am looking for a clean, honest sound image. I want the music to speak for itself.
Check out Tekton speakers, Lore, Lore S, M Lore. I recently had a pair of the Pendragons (above your price range) in my system and was amazed! Especially for rock. Absolutely the best speakers I've ever had in my home, and I've owned a couple different Magnepans, Vandersteens, Gallos, etc.

I couldn't keep the Pendragons due to their physical size, but instantly ordered a pair of Lores. I should have them in the next few weeks.

**No affiliation with Tekton**
Silverline Preludes would be worth a look. Or perhaps Monitor Audio RX6 as well. Buying used opens up a lot more options obviously. Best of luck.
Not to hijack the thread, but what made you chose the Lores over the Lore S? Thanks!

So as not to hijack this thread, I messaged you my response.
I think anybody looking for a floor stander under $1500 should be taking a serious look at the Ohm Walsh Micro Tall's. They have a tiny little footprint (6" x 6", I think). They have prodigious bass output especially for their size and a huge, immersive pseudo-omni-presentation that some people really adore. They also come with 120 day home trial, so if you don't like them, you aren't out anything but the return shipping to New York. See the enormous thread on this speaker for lots more information. :-)
Well Peter, you have a big room to fill. You also listen to a very wide genre of music. Finally there are many good tower speakers to choose from at $1500 pair. So finding a pair can be done.

But where to begin? You now have been given three different brands to think about. In a few days the list could get up to twenty brands. Will you be any closer to finding the right speaker for you or simply knowing what everyone else has or wants to have?

I would suggest you start getting educated and then audition several different types of speakers; not necessarily brands to narrow down a short list of contenders. Then you come on the forum and ask about 3 or 4 specific models that will meet your needs. Actual owners will then tell what they think and why. Start the process by asking yourself these questions...

1. Do I buy front ported or rear ported? If front ported, you will have more flexibility in room placement. If rear ported, can you place them one to three feet from the rear walls. Rear ports too close to rear walls can result in boomy bass and not what the speaker designer intended.

2. Whats the room like? Carpet or hardwood floors? Are there a lot of reflective surfaces? This may dictate whether you look for a bright, lively sounding speaker or a smooth, warm, laid back speaker.

3. Is my 100 watt receiver 4 Ohm stable? Will it drive a pair a 4 ohm speakers with sensitivity in the mid to high 80's? If not, you may have to limit yourself to 8 ohm speakers with sensivity ratings in the low to mid 90's. Nothing wrong with either - just know what you can comfortably drive. Especially in your large room.

4. What kind of drivers do I like, especially the tweeters? The smooth, laid back sound of a soft dome? The lively, bright sound of a metal dome or ribbon? How about a compression horn that can get very loud and clear?

Think about all above and then audition several models that meet your listening preferences, room and amplification needs. You'll be on your way to finding the right speaker for you and not what we like. I guarantee you my room, listening preferences and electronics are very different from yours. So is everyone else. Good luck.
Revel F-12........ One of those "under the radar" speakers that may really put a smile on your face ! Good Luck, and Happy Listening.
Is anyone here paying attention to his room size? He'll need some bigger and possibly efficient speakers!
Ecruz, If you could forward the message that you sent to Ketchup that would be great. I am also looking at speakers in this price range and am especially interested in the Lore vs Lore-s. thanks, and sorry for the aside everyone.
Klipsch Heresys are in the ballpark price-wise. Very clean and dynamic sound and extremely efficient. Bass is good but not real deep. (About 50 hz or so).
I second the tekton lore s or lore. great speaker for a large room
Paraneer, great response!! Step one is to eliminate as many choices as possible to narrow the field. You've started that with budget, next is 'basic flavor'. Some people like tea, some coffee. So horns or not would be my next choice. They have a flavor some love, some don't. Personally I think concert-going rockers like them because they simulate many speakers used at concerts, but I could be wrong. Anyway, they tend to be bright and focused, often efficient which benefits you with lower power in a large room.
Start there, report back what you like or don't like about what you listen too. You have to invest your time and effort to get your right answer. The best you'll get here is guidance and maybe answers to some 'why' questions, but the real work is yours to do.
Salk Songbird
Silverline Prelude
Ecruz, I am also considering tekton lore/ lore-s. If you could forward your response to ketchup, I would be interested in your perspective.
I recommend a pr. of bookshelves plus a pr. of subs. Reason being is you have a much better chance of getting the 60/80hz frequencies and up suited to your taste. The pr. of subs can be optimized for blend with the bookshelves and 2 subs placed properly can level out bass peaks and dips somewhat.

The subs don't have to be a hugh investment unless you want to. Two small subs will usually out perform a single large sub because a single sub will most likely give you more pronounced peaks and dips in the low end. REL's T series subs are very good for the price and they look pretty darn good too.

With the floorstanders there is a great possibility you will have to make compromises that you may not like.