Floor Standing Front Speaker Stands?

Anybody use speaker stands for a floor standing speaker? I have Thiel CS1.5s and in order to get them to be in line height-wise with my surrounds I would need to raise them about six inches. Bad idea?

A.M.P. (Audio Magic Production) offers stands in heights from
about 4 inches to about 4ft.
Custom heights take a bit longer, but cost no more.
Quality is second to none, and A.M.P. is one of the few (only?) hi-end
audio video furniture manufacturers who actually design their products
in conjunction with testing
in their on site dedicated listening room (since 1989).

A.M.P. website:
Check out Sound Anchors 321-724-1237 They have a stand for the Thiels 1.5. I just ordered the anchors for the Thiel 3.6