Floor Stander that can stand close to rear wall

What are the Floor Standing/Full Range speaker options that can stand close to the rear wall at $2000 - $4000.

My brother's planning to set up a movie/music room, and I recommended Von Schweikert VR2 or Soliloquy speakers which need to be stand a bit away from the rear wall, but he doen't want the overall interior intergration asthetics compromised... thus want something that can stand close to the wall...

MY personal opinion is to not consider large full range floor standers. Basically, go with more bass limited designs, preferably sealed box acoustic suspension designs.
If you like or are considering the likes of Soliloqy's and similar, I recommend the smaller sealed monitors, perhaps mounted on the wall, integrated a WELL EXECUTD, PLACED, AND CALIBRATED, musical sub! This gives you far more flexibility, better more balanced sound, with better imaging(if you deal with the reflections properly and acoustics that is.).
I mean, what, are you stuck on floor standers for full range integration and response, and you are fixed on the idea of "full range speakers sound/work best?". My extensive experience suggest that the benefit of full range speakers will be completely countered by poor placment, set up, and acoustical considerations! You'll get much better results limiting bass output next to a wall(which excites ALL THE BASS MODES BASICALLY, giving boomy, unatural, overdominating, uneven bass sound, dominating midrange and trebble, among other problems), and concentrate on doing the bass with a better placed subwoofer. In such a case, you can use bass managment or run paralell for sub/monitors. Either will be better than what you're likely considering, trust me.
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Gradient Revolution are perfect and supposed to be as nuetral and musical as Quad ESLs and image great when next to a wall.
Totem Arro's can be placed within 6 inches of the rear wall. See the Totem Acoustic website. Yes, it costs only $1,100. Bass is surpringly good, but if you need more you can add a subwoofer. Good luck.
PMC FB1, can be placed near to rear wall due to front transmission line venting. Check em' out. www.pmcloudspeaker.com
I second the totems.

He could also look at totem Model 1s and Mani 2's.

Very unfussy to set up. They just need some good old fashion power.

What is his other equipment?
Allison 1's, old butlike having two speakers in one.They were designed to stand against the wall. Need
lots of power. There is also another Allison somewhat smaller with the wall design(cant remember the #) Brand new version of the Allison 1,may be to expensive.

Hope this is helpful.