floor-stander speaker for "classical"

Dear A-gon citizens...very small room, roughly 10 x 11, and looking for above. I have Rega TT, Rega CD player and a variety of amps, including SS, chip and tube. Thoughts are appreciated. My feeling is, due to room size, this will need to be a small model.
Well, you need to match the spkr to the amp, so what amp are you using and what is your budget for speakers?
Without knowing your specifics, the Totem Arro is a great performer for a small room. Good dynamics and a huge soundstage.
Totem Arro does not scale up well for orchestral. I would recommend Magnepan if they'll fit in your room. Perhaps MMG Super?

I got Magnepan 1.7s last Fall and they have invigorated my classical collection. They keep full scale orchestra and chorus sorted out; tonal balance is excellent, musicality and clarity great, especially for the price.
What is your budget? Have you considered silverline preludes?
Budget is $2K, or under, and the amps I use are Naim, Rega, and a variety of chip and tube models.
Rega RS-3 are ideal.
Second for the Rega RS3.
+3 for either the Rega RS1 bookshelf models or RS3 floorstanders.

Given the small room size, you may be great with just the bookshelves.

I had the Totem Arros in a prior B system They can sound fine but only with a different amp with more "grunt".

Add in the Rega speakers to your Rega electronics and that "rega synergy" manifests itself.

Stereo Times review
The Rega R1 Loudspeaker - A New Budget Reference
December 2005

" ... Immediate impressions are a clear and transparent portrayal with very high detail retrieval, fast and controlled transient response, and superb musical timing, both in articulating rhythms and tempi, and in placing instruments within the temporal flow and context of the performance.

The RR125 is an outstanding mid/bass driver, sonically and musically right in line with the midrange performance of Rega’s amplifiers and phono cartridges.

Get the midrange right and everything else will fall into place. Get it wrong, and all the king’s horses

The Rega R1 becomes my new budget reference speaker. In addition of its ability to get the fundamentals of music right, it adds clarity and resolution, and an ability to lay out a vivid and coherent 3-dimensional stereo image. In small room applications, what more could you want?..."

Highly recommended.
I heard the Rega RS3 being powered by the Elicit with the Apollo as the source. The results were very disappointing... 2 dimensional/no bass/small scale/poor resolution/detail and lack of engagement. I asked the dealer if the speakers were "broke in" he told me they have been on the showroom floor for over a year! I'm sure better results can be had in a smaller room, but IMO Magnepan/Martin Logan and Vienna Acoustics offer more speaker at similar costs.
Rega speakers are designed to be used close to a wall and have plenty of the linear bass required for realistic reproduction of the symphonic foundation.

They are voiced on acoustic music and lack the hard-edge and mid-bass bump to match the way rock " music" is recorded. Guarantee you will sound better than Maggies in a room that size. Been there, tried that.

Flashy they are not, realistic they are.
Yeah, that room size is a challenge even for the Maggie MMGs. Someone
suggested the Silverline Prelude. For classical, especially orchestral, how 'bout
upgrading to the Prelude Plus. It's the same physical size with twice the number
of mid/woofers, which should lower inertial artifacts (overshoot & ringing) and
increase dynamic range a particularly good thing for clarity and dynamics in
classical music.

Plus you get the outriggers and real wood veneer, all within your budget.
My room is the same size and I use B&Ws which are well regarded for classical music. I would try the 600 series and CMs.

For classical music, I like BBC school designs such as Spendor, Harbeth, Stirling etc. or of of the more modern variants such as PMC and Proac.

I also use Proac Tablettes which have a natural mid but are not as resolving as the B&Ws.
I'm a little surprised nobody mentioned the Ohm Microwalsh Tall (or that I didn't think of it sooner). I ran the OP's room dimensions through their speaker-matching calculator and of the four suggestions, the Microwalsh Talls seem to be the best fit--6"x6" footprint, 36" high, omnidirectional pattern. 8'x11'x8' (assumed ceiling height) comes to 704 cu. ft. These Ohms are rated for 600-1000 cu. ft.
One consideration may be how loud you like to listen to your music. I felt the Arros were underwhelming when it came to conveying scale and dynamics, and were not ideal for complex passages. For folk music at moderate levels they were very good.

Joseph RM22XL would likely work well and provide decent scale without overwhelming the room. Also, while I haven't heard any of their gear you may want to look into the Tekton M-Lore.
I've had the OHM and the Preludes in a room that size, the Rega 3a is better than either FOR Classical .

All are very good speakers but the Preludes are a tad forward and have a bit too much "jump" for Classical while the Ohms are not quite clear enough. For Jazz I'd take the Preludes (in fact I do} and for pop, the Ohms.

For Bach and Brahms its 'da Rega.

09-03-14: Schubert
... All are very good speakers but the Preludes are a tad forward and have a bit too much "jump" for Classical while the Ohms are not quite clear enough. For Jazz I'd take the Preludes (in fact I do} and for pop, the Ohms.
The problem with the Prelude Plus is that no one has reviewed them and no one seems to own any, at least on A-gon. Whereas the Preludes use aluminum drivers throughout, the Prelude Plus has paper woofers and a silk dome radiator. Especially when you double the number of mid/woofers, this should dial back the tonal balance. Still, it's a guessing game so far.

For Bach and Brahms its 'da Rega.

So, you could say that da Rega is de rigueur?
To ME...and especially with classical music, the quality of the midrange makes the deal...I like Vandersteen. I don't think you can get better for any of the price categories that Vandy's provide.
The new Monitor Audio Silver 8 is the new benchmark in the pricerange till 2000 dollar. I never heard any speakers in this price range this stunning. In europe it wins every battle. And also has get many editors recommendations. Just take a listen.
You need a good preamp that can separate the instruments and provide soundstage depth versus buying speakers Think DHT preamps
Naim is fully 2 dimensional. Every single brand has his own properties. One of the propertie of an amp is how a stage is build by the amp. Naim is placed in the 2 dimensional amps. Since 2007 my focus is fully on 3 dimensional sound. I eliminate all 2 dimensional amp and sounds. Because 3 dimensional image is superior over 2 dimensional image. 3 dimensional sound is the most convincing part of better sound quality in audio.

You would only buy 2 dimensional sound when you are not familiar with 3 dimensional sound. It is that simple!
Jump on one already.