floor speakers upgrade

I'm lookin for an upgrade from my current floor-standing speakers. I've had the Pioneer SP-FS52s for quite a while now and I've recently come into some extra money and hoping I could make an upgrade. I'm not really too knowledgeable when it comes to audio equipment so I figured here would be a great place to start. I've got about $600 to spend but I'd prefer to spend less if at all possible.

Just a quick search on Amazon brings up hundreds of products so I'm unsure of where to start. I found this http://www.pricenfees.com/best-floor-standing-speakers.html and from what I can tell they have some good information. I've got my eye on the Fluance XL7F's which are within my budget and seem to get good reviews in most places. Anyone have experience with these speakers or have a better suggestion? I'm lookin to make a purchase within the next few days.

I appreciate any help you can give.
You really should listen to a speaker first. If not, you can make a big mistake.

If you have no choice, see if you can find a good used pair of Vandersteen Model 1's. Its a very neutral speaker and you can do a lot with it as far as altering the sound to fit your taste. Providing you like the way they sound, it will be a huge upgrade in sound quality for you.
Good advice from Zd. I agree.
What is your system comprised of, particularly the amp and preamp?
Thats my only issue is I wont be able to have a test-run with the speakers. Most of the electronic stores by me don't have much of a selection unfortunately.
Hi J...consider browsing the used stuff here to get an idea what some of your options might be. Also, explore the "Budget" virtual systems. Posting your other equipment will help people give you some more relevant suggestions but Zd542 is absolutely right...ya really gotta hear 'em yourself to know if it's a keeper and preferably in your own room with your own gear. There are some mftrs. and dealers that might work with you to arrange an in-home trial. I think Tekton Design was one such. Might be others. Not certain. Also, that link with the top 10 speakers? Gotta say, that list just didn't seem right to me. Names I would expect to see weren't on it. The names listed just seemed very mass market and I think you are trying to take a first step into something better. Finally, after doing more research, you might find you are better off waiting a bit and adding another $400 or $500 to your budget. Haste makes waste - I know...been there done that. Good luck in your search.
On the USED market if you stick to well known brands and buy at good prices the "try them at home issue" becomes a moot point ... if you do not like what you buy, recycle (resell) and try something else! That is the beauty of AudiogoN, eBay, etc.
Agree with above posts. At least Tekton offers a 60-day trial period, although you'll probably be out some shipping dollars if you return them. The mini Lore and Lore Reference are in your basic price range and may be worth a look. Another choice, especially if you like the sound you're getting now, would be the Elac F5. Like your Pioneers the F5 was also designed by Andrew Jones but likely offers meaningful improvements in driver technology, cabinetry, etc. The other option is obviously to buy used, and then you can start looking at speakers like the Silverline Preludes or the Monitor Audio RX6. Not knowing your system or what sound characteristic are important to you make these blind recommendations, but at least you have some ideas to work with. One big thing is to make sure whatever speakers you choose match well with and can be driven by your amplifier. Best of luck.
You might find some worthy candidates here. I've had Wharfedale diamonds and have heard many of the other brands on this page and they're all good values.

The Elac Debut F5 is desined by the same Andrew Jones who designed your Pioneers, but with a bigger budget, more sophisticated drivers and more rigid cabinet design. In other words, from a design standpoint it is precisely a good-sized step up from your current speakers.

He's also designed several 5-figure state-of-the-art speakers for TAD, Pioneer's premium speaker line.

Let us know what you're using for amplification. It makes a big difference on what comes out of the speakers.
ELAC F5. Incredible value and sound.
If there's a Best Buy with a Magnolia Room near you, go listen to some speakers. You really need to hear the different kinds of speakers rather than reading about them.
Elac F5 tower review by Steve Guttenberg. He even had this to say when he compared them with the OP's Pioneer towers:

When we hooked up our Andrew Jones-designed Pioneer SP-FS52 towers for a head-to-head match, we were taken aback by how different the two towers sounded. The SP-FS52s were softer, warmer and less dynamic and clear overall. The Debut F5 is a major advance over the older design.
THis loudspeaker out of date and i suggest you to sell on E Bay
and by new one