Floor Speaker Sockets for Surround Speakers in a 5.1.4 HT setup


I am looking for an elegant solution for cabling surround sound speakers in a 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos setup without the cable running on top of the carpet.

The basement is being renovated so has no floors etc... right now. So, I can do whatever I want. My electrician is recommending that we run speaker cable under the floor in some conduit and surface the cable via some sort of recessed speaker sockets installed into the floor under each speaker. The speakers will be on Atacama stands.

Is this even a good idea? If so, what sort of speaker sockets should I use?

Any advice is much appreciated.




What will happen when you will wash the floor ?

What about  basement flood ?
I would rather have theme on the wall.

I would use 10 or 12 guage .

Sure.  I mean personally I'd just run flat speaker wire.  It's pretty cheap from the right sources like Parts Express.  That's also a good place for finding DIY hardware like this.


I wonder , going wireless with a Home Theater system ….

There is a ´´delay ´´ parameter  that is quite important.

I think ´´Wireless ´´ adds a delay of its own .

That is true, my HT processor has Audyssey that handles the delay by setting the distance so the sound arrives the same time as my other speakers. If you don't use Audyssey or Dirac wires might be better.

Thank you all for your responses. Sorry for my slow response. 

In the end I went with conduit under the concrete floor, surface out of the carpet via one of these: "BG Screwless Brushed Steel Single 1 Gang Brush Cable Entry Wall Plate."

This will sit directly under some atacama stands so cannot be seen. The speaker cable is fed up inside the speaker stands.

For cabling, I used SCP 16/4 speaker cable OFC DCA rated orange jacket.