Floor Protection Discs

Good Morning Audiogon'ers!

Seeing if you could help me. I will be purchasing a pair of Target Audio HR70 monitor stands. Since they'll be going on a hardwood floor, I was also going to purchase Target Audio's 'Floor Protection Discs' to protect the floor. Is there a cheaper alternative -


You could check out Herbie's:

But, I see they will be even more for a set of four. Though, he does have a lot of other things.
It might cost more, but there might be a sonic advantage to using solid brass disks such as Star Sound Tcchnology Coupling Disc: http://www.starsoundtechnologies.com/productsDetail.php?APCD2-8
I would buy the Herbies gliders so you can easily reposition the speaker until you get it dialed in.  Not cheap, but very good. In fact, Jim Smith recommends them for sonic reasons in Get Better Sound.  
Thanks everyone your replies. It's tax return season, so I decided to bite bullet and purchase the Target Audio discs.
Just put a penny under each spike. You probably won't be able to hear a difference between that, and a more expensive option.
I've used the penny method, but they left an imprint on my wood floors. I then used a layer of cork under the penny, and the speakers sounded even better.
Like chayro said, the Herbie Gliders are great and allow movement of the speakers with ease, I have not found anything better under my Wilson Sophia's floor spikes. they also have them in three different metals, mine are brass, the cheapest of the three.

I have seen quarters used with great success. I realize they are 25 times as expensive of that of the pennies. But they do hold their value! In seriousness, I think the thicker coin helps, definitely worth the investment to try before you buy the Targets.

"I have seen quarters used with great success. I realize they are 25 times as expensive of that of the pennies."

Did it ever occur to you that not everyone has that kind of money to through around? Besides, quarters only sound better if you cryo them first.

go to a local machine shop and get them to cut and dimple some brass round stock cost next to nothing compared to other options and serves the same purpose. pennies and such can leave rings in your floor from the raised edge.
 kind of money to through around
Throw around 
Really! Come to the front, now hold out your hand...

I think the Target Audio discs will be good enough and $40 bucks is cheap enough.

They look pretty crapy.
I use Herbie's Audio Lab discs under my rack. They are built very well. Easy to slide the rack out if I have to get behind there.