I have, love, and am gonna keep using my Lavardin IT for awhile yet. I like it's speed, resolution, transparency etc. I use it to drive Yamaha NS1000m's - a match made in heaven IMHO.

However, if one wanted to go for more difficult flatter speakers such as MAgicos for instance - it just ain't got the grunt.

Outside of Soulution, and Constellation are there any fast and powerful amps out there with similar transparency to the `LAvardin IT?
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what a totally useless answer - suggestions will be useful
IMO the problem is the question is a bit broad. I'm certain that all the amps in our lineup are more transparent. That's really not a problem.

But are the amplifiers compatible with your speakers and what if there are other speakers that have greater bandwidth, greater transparency and greater dynamic punch, is that important? IMO, you got a broad answer because your question was broad. Try limiting the parameters (such as, 'I really like these speakers and don't want to part with them' or ' I don't want to deal with tubes' or 'I don't want to deal with solid state') and see what answers you get...
The LAvardin IT has the following very good characteristics - particularly with a speaker that is fairly sensitive:
Transparency, resolution, not cold or harsh - hits the dividing line between valve and transistor very well. It is quite load tolerant - hence the ability to drive the NS1000m's. All said and done I am looking for something that has more grunt to drive a bigger pair of speakers that are not so benign as the Ns1000m's. I also think that whilst the LAvardin is far from cold - it can perhaps have a warmer more multi coloured tonal palette