Flexible power cord for Ayre Codex

I am often frustrated when I try to connect wrist-thick power cords to my audio gear, but muddle by.  I just got an Ayre Codex, with its diminuative enclosure and it rests at near the top of my 5' audio rack.  My weighty power cords result in it canting one way or the other.  

Can you gents suggest a very good power cord that is relatively thin and more importantly flexible to solve my problem?  I'd budget up to maybe $300 for it.  Let me know you have something you want to part with... I just looked in my closet and I must have a couple dozen IC's and maybe a dozen power cords just taking up space.  Thanks your insights and recommendations.  

That would do the job. The only improvement I’d suggest is the same cable with a grounded shield. 
From my talks with John Rutan, he believes the Source is the most important component and should have the best power cord, which is why I got the AQ Thunder PC.
When I bitched to AQ that the cord was way too stiff, they said using a solid right angle would have minimal affect, but using something that needed wire would not be a good way to go.
When in doubt, compare the two power cables and see if you can hear a difference.