Flexible and NOT Monster Gauge Power Cables?


The power cables I've used in my system are one of the Harmonic Technology power cables (ProAC-11?) which is a little bit thicker than an off the shelf cable, and a BMI Whale Elite which is a monster, where the cable is about as thick as the enlarged IEC connector.

I have a new amplifier (that sits on 2-3 inch spikes) where the cables (power, interconnect, speaker) come out the bottom, from a small cavity in the amplifier.

The spikes on the amplifier provide decent clearance, but it is a tough spot to run cables out of.

I'm looking for a good power cable for this amplifier that ideally has:

1) Not a behemouth female IEC connector -- would almost rather a shorter one. Don't know if this exists in quality.

2) Not a monster guage -- doesn't have to be computer/off-the-shelf thickness, but preferably not too, too much thicker than the Harmonic Technology stuff.

3) Flexible.

Its an efficient ClassD amplifier. Only uses about 55-60v of power, and outputs 250x2 in 8 and 500x2 in 4.

Because the voltage requirement isn't high, I don't think I'd require a monster gauge in the first place, but would love to hear any suggestions, especially from those people with special flexibility requirements or size requirements for a component.

Would prefer to stay under $500 (used market).
You can order an AC 11 with a right angle IEC that would handle your clearance problem.Both Shunyata and Analysis Plus make very flexible cords and may offer the right angle IEC's....I know that many of cable manuf. do offer the plug as an option....Good Luck!
I would suggest one of Bob Crump's TG Audio Cables. His top of the line SLVR cables are as good as I've heard, a comparative bargain in their performance/price ratio (I admit I spend a lot--all right, too much--on cables and equipment, but I just cannot bring myself to spend that much for a power cord, even though I've heard the differences they can make; fortunately Bob's cables top off at $500, and his less-expensive cables are also terrific), but best of all, they are EXTREMELY flexible. He can probably make them with a right angle IEC as well, just ask him.
I recently bought a Sonic Horizons cable that meets your requirements, and is below budget even brand new. Worth checking out, at least, as they have the usual 30 day trial. I'm pleased with mine, which I'm using on a small subwooofer with a Sunfire-sourced amp.