Fleetwood Sound Company

Hi has anyone heard the new Fleetwood Sound Company new Deville speakers they look good and they have a life time Guarantee 

Extremely well written post. Thank you.

For me, how the speakers and more importantly how the treble sounds is precisely why I love these. 
For comparison, I’ve owned TAD CR-1 and they were so treble hot, I could not stand them. After a dozen amps on them, I gave up and sold my TAD. 
I listen to a lot of not so well recorded music as well as audiophile tracks and everything sounds great. Like you said, no listener fatigue. Just wonderful music. 
I’m keeping mine, unlike so much other gear I don’t have anymore.  :)

Thanks, and I hear yah…what you describe is where they are at.

For me, I like a little more “surprise” in the passage, a little sparkle here, shimmer there, … those sonic characteristics for me, tend to add to the stage width, height and depth. Additionally imo, all add in to the “atmospherics,” so I feel there is something a little lost here. They are not totally missing, maybe more so along the lines of being restrained, hence the roll-off comment. Could be intentional and thats how it was voiced…who knows, but its a formula that works for them.

And i do listen to very bad recordings also. In addition to being about the music, but can the music take you back…can you hit that replay (or lift that needle/arm over and over) button and sit there for hours and hours playing the same song? Thats me…

Again, I’m not advocating that Fleetwood Sounds or any manufactures add these in or boost frequencies while they voice during R&D. There are pro’s and cons to compression drivers. (Hey, ever see a horn speaker and an additional tweeter or super tweeter mounted as well…;0)

I know a few folks who went from CR1s to the poor man’s S-1EX and have said they liked the treble and ‘control’ more on the lower end speaker…the ME-1, imo are better than those S-1EXs (by a lot!) and don’t have that forwardness, maybe the magnesium mid cone measured less favorable on the chart, but sounded more ‘natural’ on the ear…? Also, I think the ME-1s are somewhat priced (MSRP) along the same range as the Deville, so both are standmount and fancy great tech between them. It almost doesnt even look like a fair fight…but man, they are fighters in their line up and giant killers to others (just add a sub(s) and you’ll see!). Too bad the lines never gained a strong foothold here amongst the network. But hey that’s a different story for another time. 
I really love my pair of Fleetwoods and have never found there to be any roll of in the top end at all - I think they are quite even from bottom to top. While they are true to source, and an honest speaker, they maintain a little bit of a glow that just makes music sound better than most hifi. I’m powering them with a 90 watt tube amp (Zanden 6000) - What’s insane is the amount and volume of bass these stand mounts can make. You just can’t imagine how a speaker of this size could play so loud and so clean while remaining uncolored - these things SLAUGHTER stuff like B&Ws and Wilsons guys - it’s not even funny. The Harbeth 30.2s in my second system sound like they have Persian rugs covering them and stuff like B&W sounds like nails of a chalkboard by comparison. 
I think the review from Steve Huff does a great job of explaining the Fleetwoods. All I can say is that I am excited to see what Jonathan and the Fleetwood team come up with next!